Nowadays, the demand for learning English of Asians in general and Vietnamese in particular is strongly increasing day by day. Based on that demand, international schools and English centers have been exponentially opened with special benefits for foreign teachers. This is also the reason why so many foreigners choose Vietnam as a place to find a teaching job. However, in order to be accepted to teach in prestigious centers/schools as a qualified teacher, you need to make sure that you meet the requirements of the employer. So if you want to know what those requirements are, read this article carefully!

1. Qualifications

– Graduated from University or have a pedagogical certificate in local countries.

– Having standard voice and abilities of communicating.

– Having an international English teaching certificate: TESOL, CELTA, TEFL.

– Having experience teaching English in the local country or in other countries around the world.

– Ability to adapt quickly to a new working environment.

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2. Criteria of origin, background and common characters

– Having nationality and clear legal status.

– Having a legal work permit issued by the state (if not yet granted, must provide sufficient identification to the school / support center)

– Having a clear visa (visa) and properly classified.

– No previous conviction and offence

– Enthusiastic, friendly and open-minded

– Having experience of culture and understanding of characteristics and traditions of Vietnam.

Foreign teachers need to make sure that they meet the requirements of the employer

3. Standards of morality

Teaching is considered as a sacred and respectful job in Vietnam because teachers are the ones who will teach not only knowledge but also morality and standard lifestyle for people, especially children. A teacher with poor morality will significantly affect the thinking development of students’ generation in Vietnam. There is even a negative impact on the reputation of the school / center. Therefore, native teachers need not only to be professionally qualified but also ethical: be a good citizen, has no previous conviction and offence, does not participate in social evils or breaks the law.

4. Criteria of teaching methods

To ensure the best quality of teaching, qualified native teachers need to have a curriculum which is suitable to the common level of each classroom. Tutorial tools such as: image illustration, instrument illustration, songs, short films, etc. are also essential for classroom to make the atmosphere more lively and fun. Besides, teachers should proactively ask about the student’s learning situation so that they can research new effective teaching methods.

Based on the above criteria, schools/centers will have accurate assessments to review and recruit native teachers to teach English for students and employees. If you make sure that you meet the above requirements of the employer, please apply at .We will bring you a great experience teaching at international schools and leading English language training centers in Vietnam!


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