Information About The Training Program

• Training units:

– Global Intesol Organization (Intesol Worldwide)

ITD Academy (International Talent Development Agency, US Education Organization)

• Accreditation unit: ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals)

– ALAP is a British accrediting organization, specializing in the teaching of English language. ALAP has been operating for over 10 years in teaching and developing teacher training courses and English language training courses.

– The ALAP standards set was developed by an academic board comprising experts in the field of English language teaching. The set of standards includes the criteria for evaluating and managing the quality of teaching, the knowledge used as well as the conditions for conducting a professional training.

• Participants of the courses

– English teachers, foreign language students and employees intend to become an international standard English teacher.
– Individuals with good English skills want to expand their opportunities, get a second job, become an English teacher at schools, foreign language centers or open a tutoring class.

All programs are integrated in the online and offline modules (except for the 120-hour course which is 100% online).

INTESOL Vietnam Training Program

• Objective of the course

After the course, students will be able to:
– Understand and make good use of modern and effective English teaching methods.
– Promote self-motivation with teaching career, increase energy and creativity in teaching.
– Develop the career orientation of individual teachers in mastering and leading the quality teaching methods and international standards.
– Possessing a UK international TESOL certificate and globally valid, highly appreciated by employers.
– Make a difference in teaching methods and styles with students and parents to bring the best value to learners.
– Proactively update new teaching methods and techniques from lecturers in the global INTESOL system.
– Job opportunities in the educational systems of the United States Educational Institution (IvyPrep Education, iSMART, Broward College, colleges and affiliated universities) and the education system on the global network of INTESOL

• Why should you choose INTESOL Vietnam?

– INTESOL Vietnam provides integrated training, combining online and classroom training with advanced methods with high practical applicability.
– Flexible training time based on modern methods, helping students to practice visual and practical teaching techniques and methods.
– INTESOL’s curriculum is accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), based in the United Kingdom, certifies advanced and valuable training programs in over 95 countries and territories;
– After completing the course, INTESOL Vietnam will help students find suitable job opportunities right after graduation.
– Students will receive an INTESOL certificate upon completing the course at INTESOL Vietnam and recognized worldwide.

Apply now to get the right certificate for you!

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