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The 140 – hour Certificate in TESOL with 20 hours of class observation, workshop, lesson planning and teaching practice, is a perfect choice if you would like to gain an internationally recognized TESOL course online. You can take your teaching practice anywhere in the world because we provide TESOL courses that give you the opportunity to practice teaching online at an amazingly affordable price. This TESOL course includes a chapter on teaching to students, so you will be fully equipped with the skills that TESOL employers worldwide require. You will have access to the best methods to make classes interesting, attractive for both you and your students and make sure that they will get a helpful and interesting experience.

Certificate Accreditation 

The 140-hour Certificate in TESOL is accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professional), a UK-based Awarding Organization, specializing in English language training (ELT). ALAP is supported by an Academic Council, an expert in the field of English language teaching. The ALAP Council monitors issues related to academic quality to ensure that the value of the ALAP Certification is always maintained.

Course Aims

The aim of the 140-hour Course in TESOL is to provide a thorough introduction to TESOL theory and prepare you for teaching in practice


No previous qualifications or experience are required. Fluent English, determination and willingness to learn are all you need.

Course Structure

After enrolling within 24 hours, you will receive your login details for the course. The TESOL course consists of five chapters (a total of 21 modules). Each module has a lesson that you will study at your own pace and an assignment that you will accomplish. When your assignment has been graded, you will receive a notification of your grade, plus any guidance and feedback, in your online grade book. The online grade book allows you to easily follow your progress through lessons and complete the course. Don’t worry If you have not done well in a module, you will be given the opportunity to retake after a little extra coaching. After 120 hours of online theory lessons, students will experience 20 hours of teaching practice including activities, such as: workshop, lesson observations, lesson planning and observed teaching.

Our course focus on the “Peer Coaching” method, this is an effective method. Studies indicate that “Peer coaching” facilitates the exchange of teaching methods and materials, impulse development of teaching skills, and makes participants rethink their own teaching methods and styles. Our instructors will follow the INTESOL standards to adjust students’ lessons and teaching plans with positive feedback. There are no final examinations in these courses. As soon as your last assignment has been graded, you can view your final grade in the grade book. Your final grade is calculated by taking the average of your ten grades for the ten assessed assignments. This grade will be shown on your Certificate in TESOL with TEYL.

Duration of the course

The length of time to complete the course depends on students. There are approximately 140 hours of work in this course, including joining workshops and teaching practice. Theoretically, you will need 10-12 weeks to complete this course. However, it does not matter if you require more time.

Course Completion

     You will get:

* Certificate in TESOL with TEYL issued by INTESOL Worldwide and ALAP
* Course Transcript issued by awarding body
* FREE Back to basics grammar pack
* FREE Games & Lessons pack – Invaluable resource when you start teaching
* FREE shipping of certificates and transcripts from the UK to Vietnam
* Personal tutor support
* Proven techniques that will make you a confident teacher
* Security of gaining an internationally recognized qualification
* Job guidance and support


Besides 140-hour course, we also provide the other courses, such as: 120-hour course, 190-hour course with Teaching Practice, 350-hour course.

Apply now to get the right certificate for you!

Payment information

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CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN DỊCH VỤ GIÁO DỤC VTJ. Account number: 06001010032689 MSB (Maritime bank) – brand Da Nang

  • VAT not included:

VCB (Vietcombank), PGD Ham Nghi, Account number: 0071005782788,  Account owner: PHẠM HỒNG SƠN


MSB (Maritime Bank), Brand Do Thanh – HCM, Account number: 04201013904873, Account owner : PHẠM HỒNG SƠN

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