We are proud to provide one of the best TEFL/TESOL courses in Vietnam. The courses are various from Standard certificate to advanced and diploma. All the TEFL/TESOL courses are accredited by ALAP and awarded by Intesol Worldwide.


1. What are the differences between INTESOL Vietnam and INTESOL Worldwide?

INTESOL Vietnam is an English teacher training program in Vietnam conducted by ITD Academy. This is the only franchise of INTESOL Worldwide in Vietnam. ITD Academy is an official representative of INTESOL Worldwide in Vietnam, INTESOL Worldwide representative provides teacher training courses for individuals and organizations in Vietnam. Regarding the content of the course, the program is completely similar to the original program in the UK, complying with the requirements and quality standards prescribed by the British accrediting organization.

The only difference between INTESOL Vietam and INTESOL Worldwide is teaching practice part. The psychological, cultural and habitual characteristics of Vietnamese students are put into teaching situations, helping students to apply the basic theory of the course to apply it to practical teaching conditions in Vietnam

2. How INTESOL will be taught?

    English teacher training program of INTESOL Vietnam apply 4.0 technology, providding flexible and convinent solution for learners. Students can easily learn everytime and everywhere.

The curriculum of the 140, 190 and 350 courses applies both online and offline methods. Learning online theory and practicing directly teaching, with the guidance of experienced, erudite instructors in the field of English teaching.

During the learning process, students have access to many modern teaching methods in teaching English, learning from lecturers, peers and from classroom teachers in class.

3. How long will student study?

Students fully take initiative in choosing flexible time with INTESOL Vietnam, specifically:

Flexible online learning time. In teaching practice part, students will be arranged to attend class observation, trial lectures within the most appropriate time frame.

4. What are the special features of INTESOL Vietnam?

All programs are integrated with online and offline modules (except for the 120-hour course of 100% online learning).

  • Online self-study is a suitable learning form for busy students.
  • Class observation, practice teaching are essential to equip confidence and practical skills.
  • Evaluation and feedback from instructors
  • Teaching methods workshop.
  • Understand Vietnamese students’ psychology and Vietnamese culture.
  • Study 1 course about teaching English for children (Teaching English for Young Learners) for free.

5. What is included in INTESOL online course?

Online courses are built on ITD Academy’s Canvas system. Students can experience learning activities on Canvas, such as reading documents, viewing lessons, lesson modules, asking questions, submitting exercises, taking tests.

Students are granted an account and access to the course. Each course consists of scientifically and consistently designed modules, including a general introduction, lesson content, self-check, reference reading, assessment test, assessment and teacher’s feedback, notifications.

6. How is online course structured?

Students will learn a number of articles through an interactive online material based on the course syllabus sections. The exercises are assessed immediately after each lesson, each chapter, these contents are integrated throughout the course.

7. Practice teaching

The success of INTESOL Vietnam’s programs is partly due to the mandatory practical sessions of the course, helping students apply their knowledge and practical experience in Vietnam, show to employers (school , center) that students themselves having the skills necessary to succeed in class.

8. What is online TESOL course combining with offline?

TESOL Online course applies a flexible training method combining online and classroom learning. In which, the practice of teaching is learned in class and learning online theory. The interactive online materials always focus on the practical part that requires each student to complete the course criteria correctly.

9. Is learning theory online effective?

Online TESOL course on Canvas system of ITD provides:

  • Lectures, reference materials
  • Exercises, interactive tests.
  • Watch video with instructions, modeling.
  • Discuss on forums, clubs

For some students, learning theory in class will be more appropriate for individual learning than an integrated course, but for others it is the opposite.

Students are asked to study theory, self-assess their ability to understand the lesson, read reference materials, examples, and then take the assessment.

During the learning process, teachers will interact and evaluate, comment on the students’ exercise, helping students understand where they are right and wrong.

An advantage of INTESOL courses in Vietnam is that students have a lot of time and distance support from INTESOL Vietnam, which is convenient for reflecting and improving knowledge.

The online theory section is supplemented by practical teaching sessions, which help students reinforce the theory and better understand concepts in online lectures.

10. What are benefits of the course with INTESOL Vietnam?

Students can access the materials at any time, so they have the flexibility to plan for learning and practicing to suit their work schedules and life. Only a small portion of the course requires classrooms, so students can reduce their accommodation and travel costs, making the fee of the course more affordable for the majority of students.

11. How long does the course last?

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Depending on the course will have different time. Currently, Intesol Vietnam has 4 courses:

This time may be shorter if the student is concentrated in high intensity. This is the expected time, but if the student is unable to complete the course within the time given above, they may still offer to extend the course.

12. How is practice teaching part organized?

 Practice teaching part includes following activites:

  • Class observation;
  • Preapring lesson detaily;
  • Workshop TESOL;
  • Demo Lecture;
  • Trial teaching;

The teaching practice part will be arranged by INTESOL Vietnam according to the fixed or free schedule of students during the course or in stages.

13. How can students find an authorized unit of INTESOL Vietnam to register for study?

Students are recommended to register directly at Intesol Vietnam office at ITD Academy’s office – 45 Dinh Tien Hoang, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC. Ho Chi Minh; or Center / course organizers are authorized by INTESOL Vietnam. The list of centers / units authorized by INTESOL Vietnam includes:

Binh Duong University

Educational Research Institute

Ismart Education


The authorized units have the same content of enrollment, promotion, tuition fees and training time unchanged.

14. What is INTESOL certificate?

INTESOL Worldwide issues TESOL certificates to students worldwide, the level and equivalent of a direct course. All INTESOL certifications are accredited by the UK, meeting the quality assurance standards and procedures.

15. What do students receive, except from TESOL certificate after completing the course?

Student will receive the following certificates:

TESOL certificate with teaching English for children by INTESOL Worldwide.

TESOL certificate with English teaching for children and ALAP accreditation transcript.

16. What does the tuition include? Will student have to pay any other fee?

Tuition fee includes account opening fee, tuition fees, certificate transfer fee from UK to Vietnam, testing fee, seminar, teaching practice. Students do not have to pay any more.


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