What is “TESOL Certification?”

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TESOL Certification are the most commonly recognized qualifications around the world for teaching English to non-native speakers. It designates teaching English to second-language speakers (ESL).

Once you go through training and become TESOL certified, you will be eligible to begin teaching ESL all around the world in a variety of formats. Nowadays, ESL teachers are in high demand everywhere to help smoothly facilitate communication in the 21st century.

There are two basic ways to go about your TESOL training: In-class and online courses. See here for more details.


Why do you have to get TESOL Certificate?

A TESOL certificate is almost a requirement for most teaching jobs abroad if you are a non-native English speaker who is interested in teaching. The TESOL certificate has become an international standard when it comes to teaching overseas.

Choosing the right TESOL certification or training program by the right organization might seem like an overwhelming amount of work. If you do not know where to start, INTESOL Vietnam can help you. INTESOL Vietnam is a prestigious organization for you to get your TESOL certification! Why? Let’s find out!


Why should you choose INTESOL Vietnam and VTJ to get TESOL Certificate?

Exclusive partner, international certificates: INTESOL Vietnam is the exclusive partner of INTESOL Worldwide in Vietnam. TESOL Certificate provided by VTJ – INTESOL Vietnam is valid and recognized in more than 100 countries and territories around the world, it is also accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals) – a leading international accrediting organization established by the Academic Council for High Proficiency in Teaching and Training English for decades and have a rigorous testing system for the quality of TEFL / TESOL training worldwide.

Modern methods: The highlight of INTESOL Vietnam’s TESOL courses is the integrated technology application 4.0, combined online learning with teaching practice. Students participate in studying in Vietnam but still have access to the elite in the field of English teaching in the world.

Multiple courses: Depending on the conditions and demand of each student, they can choose courses with different study lengths from 120 hours to 350 hours, while ensuring that all necessary knowledge and appropriate combination of study and teaching practice are ensured.

Teaching staff with good professional qualifications: All lecturers of INTESOL Vietnam are well qualified with long-term teaching experience and trained by INTESOL Worldwide. Besides, the lecturers are always enthusiastic, dedicated and have good cooperation network.

Job opportunities: After obtaining TESOL certificate of INTESOL Vietnam, students will have the opportunity to work around the world. In addition, students also have global job opportunities in the collaborative network of VTJ.

Now, VTJ provide 4 TESOL courses: 120-hour course, 140-hour course with teaching practice, 190-hour course with teaching practice and 350-hour course.

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Click FAQ to get your answers for all the questions about TESOL Courses.

And apply now to get the right TESOL certificate!

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