As Vietnam’s ultimate goal is to achieve progressive globalization and integration, learning and applying English in practice has now become an essential part of every Vietnamese regardless of their backgrounds. To be successful and flexible in daily life, many Vietnamese choose to equip them with a proficiency in English communication skills. Therefore, the demand for learning English from native people is increasing fast.

In terms of the demands to learn English from native speakers, most of them stem from the need to study abroad or settle in countries where English is the main language. There are many reasons why English centers/international schools are willing to choose foreign teachers over Vietnamese teachers: 

+) Improving significantly listening and speaking skills of students

+) Practicing native pronunciation

+) 100% rate of English time when studying with native teachers

+) Learning about different cultures and traditions, which helps students in studying or living abroad

+) Increasing confidence when communicating, which helps students overcome fear and shyness

+) Enhancing the ability to reflect

Besides, with Vietnam’s accession to the WTO and increasing foreign trade, most domestic and foreign businesses require employees to be fluent in English. Therefore, the demand for learning English is essential for the current trend. Nowadays, international companies and corporations require candidates to perform standard English, including fluency in listening and understanding. Due to the difficult economic situation, international companies and corporations want to save costs and manpower. Instead of hiring two people with one to do professional jobs and the other to translate, employers would rather recruit only one person who is both fluent in English and able to handle professional jobs.

The market for native English teachers in Vietnam has a very high difference between supply and demand.

It can be seen that English diplomas and certificates with high scores (TOEIC, TOELF, IELTS …) do not completely decide whether one is successful or not. However, if you want to work in an international working environment, English is undoubtedly a compulsory skill you need to acquire. English is also the first requirement for any student who wants to study abroad. Therefore, the demand for studying English becomes higher and more important than ever. 

Currently, the market for native English teachers in Vietnam has a huge gap between supply and demand, which means the demand for studying English is high but the supply of qualified foreign teachers in Vietnam is not enough. Therefore, seeking and selecting foreign teachers is happening strain. So, where is the most accurate source of qualified teachers in Vietnam? If you have the desire to recruit real native teacher or you are a new foreign teacher who has been moving in Vietnam and seeking jobs, please visit: we provide qualified teachers with full qualifications, teaching certificates are carefully verified by a dedicated, enthusiastic staff. Vietnamteachingjobs is willing to support.





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