According to many international dictionary information, the native language is defined as the mother tongue, the language is born in that country. However, according to many researchers, the concept of the native language is expanded, for example: the residents who have migrated to other countries for many years, are regular citizens of a country, or inherited genetically, or inherit from a family or a group of people.

Hence, native English speakers, also known as NEST (Native English Speaker Teacher), are the people who have abilities to use English more fluently in teaching than Vietnamese English teachers. In order to provide the best services for students, English language centers or international schools often focus on recruiting native teachers. Most qualified teachers are from English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, etc. or teachers who have settled in these countries for a long time have a standard native pronunciation.

Native English teachers in Vietnam

In terms of linguistic knowledge, native teachers certainly have superiority. Their knowledge of English is the dream of all Vietnamese teachers who teach English. In addition, they are trained in pedagogical skills at prestigious universities around the world, have access to the most modern and advanced educational methods.

Native teachers are truly an endless English knowledge storage for learners. Learning with native teachers, students will have the opportunity to acquire standardized English and can get accurate answers to their questions. With fun and exciting new teaching methods, native teachers can help learners to access English more quickly instead of simply teaching and learning in a traditional ways that have a bit dry at school.

Native teachers are truly an endless English knowledge storage for learners.

With these advantages, it can be seen that English teachers in Vietnam are truly becoming an important language bridge to help Vietnam further on the path of international integration. Therefore, the recruitment of foreigners for teaching also needs to be focused. If you are a foreign teacher looking for a job in Vietnam, please visit the website: to apply for positions with high salaries and all social benefits. At VTJ, we specialize in providing quality native teachers to international centers / schools with state-of-the-art equipment across the country. Please do not hesitate, choose Vietnamteachingjobs!



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