Before deciding to move to Vietnam to live and work, foreign teachers need to learn about the teaching environment here to make sure it matches their criteria, which will help minimize difficulties and challenges in the career process. So, how is the quality of the teaching environment in Vietnam? Is it as good as rumored? Read the article below and find out with VTJ!

  • Assessment of the English Proficiency Index (EPI) of Vietnam in recent years, Ms. Cao Phuong Ha, Director of EF International Education in Vietnam said that “According to the English language proficiency index of 88 countries around the world by EF, by 2020, Vietnam ranked 10/25 in Asia”. Compared to the first year participating in the assessment (2011), Vietnam consistently ranks above the English proficiency index the recent years. This proves that teaching and learning English has improved significantly in Vietnam, it needs to be maintained and promoted further ( /regions/asia/vietnam/)

The teaching environment in Vietnam helps teachers be more confident

Based on a scientific conclusion, the learner’s feelings make up 80% of the result of studying English, the remaining 20% is due to the method. Therefore, to learn English effectively, how can you promote 80% of learners’ emotions? And one of the current trends and secrets of effective English learning chosen by English centers is creating a good environment. There is a full range of sensory stimulation effects by visual, sound, light, teaching methods, native teachers and extracurricular activities. It helps to create excitement in the study, increase the ability to receive and remember knowledge longer than just listening and writing traditional lessons.

Recognizing the importance of English in the 4.0 era, many schools and educational institutions always focus on investing thoroughly in the foreign language teaching environment to meet the quality standards. Most of the classrooms are fully equipped with teaching aids such as projectors, monitors, speakers, televisions, boards, etc., and tools to support outside activities. Each class is provided with Vietnamese teaching assistants to accelerate the progress of students, as well as create more convenient communication between teachers and learners.

Besides, when teaching in Vietnam, foreign teachers will enjoy many basic benefits depending on the place of teaching such as:

  • Accommodation, motorbike with low cost provided.
  • Discounted plane ticket if you’re abroad / shuttle from the airport to the accommodation.
  • Being granted a legal work permit by the school/center.
  • An invitation letter is provided by the school/center.
  • The cost of overtime teaching is two to three times
  • Participate in extracurricular activities (team-building – charity program – travel) with the school and students.
  • Class size is moderate, not too large, easy to control.
  • Having days off on Tet holiday with payment.
  • To be covered by social insurance and health insurance.
  • Friendly, enthusiastic teaching environment to support teachers as much as possible.

Some schools/centers also prepare teaching plans and curriculums for teachers

In addition, some schools/centers also prepare teaching plans and curriculums for teachers. Teachers just need to prepare the lecture with the content of the program and apply the appropriate teaching method for each class. This helps teachers shape the direction of teaching, save time, avoid rambling or teaching the wrong lesson. Most of the students are actively interested and eager to study with foreign teachers because this is the fastest way to become fluent in English in a short time, so the teacher will be under less pressure from the student refusing to study the old lesson, do homework, passively, …

It can be said that the appropriate learning environment, carefully studied for different ages, is one of the most important things to learn English. If the inappropriate learning environment will lose motivation and love, then English will become a terror and never be able to learn this foreign language well and vice versa. Choosing Vietnam as a teaching place is a good decision for foreign teachers, not only because it is an easy-to-develop, low-challenging environment but also a place with many interesting things to explore such as literature, food diversification and diverse landscapes across the country.

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