Before moving to Vietnam for living and teaching, foreign teachers need to know clearly about the teaching environment to make sure that they can live up to the expectations. This will help the teachers minimize the difficulties and challenges in the teaching process. How is the quality of the teaching environment in Vietnam? This article will explain about the teaching environment in Vietnam with help from VTJ. 

  • Assessment of the English Proficiency Index (EPI) of Vietnam in recent years, Ms. Cao Phuong Ha, Director of EF International Education in Vietnam, stated: “According to the English language proficiency index of 88 countries around the world by EF, by 2020, Vietnam ranked 10/25 in Asia”. Compared to the first year participating in the assessment (2011), Vietnam consistently ranks above the English proficiency index in recent years. This proves that teaching and learning English has improved significantly in Vietnam and this improvement should be maintained and further developed ( /regions/asia/vietnam/)

The teaching environment in Vietnam helps teachers be more confident

According to scientific research, the results after studying English are 80% made up of the learner’s feelings and the remaining 20% rely on the teaching method. Therefore, to deliver effective results, teachers should pay close attention to the students’ feelings and emotions. Creating a positive environment that suits the students’ personalities is one of the most effective teaching methods right now. Teaching methods vary from the use of sensory stimulation to extracurricular methods. The change in different methods will create excitement in studying, which will motivate students and help students to approach knowledge easier. This will help both the teachers and students deliver better results instead of studying in traditional ways such as simple listening and writing. 

Recognizing the importance of English in the 4.0 era, many schools and educational institutions choose to invest in building an English studying environment with high qualities. Most classrooms are equipped with advanced technologies such as projectors, monitors, speakers, televisions, boards, etc. and facilities to support outside activities. Each class is accompanied by a Vietnamese teaching assistant to accelerate the progress of students as well as act as the bridge between teachers and students. 

Besides, foreign teachers will enjoy many basic benefits when teaching in Vietnam

  • Provision of low-cost accommodation and transportation
  • Discounted plane ticket/shuttle from the airport to the accommodation.
  • Legal work permission from the school/center 
  • Invitation letter from the school/center.
  • Two to three times higher salary for the cost of overtime teaching 
  • Participation in extracurricular activities with the school and students (team-building, charity program, travel trips, etc.).
  • Moderate and docile class size
  • Holiday days off with payment.
  • Guaranteed social insurance and health insurance.
  • Friendly, enthusiastic teaching environment with full supports from the school/center.

Some schools/centers also prepare teaching plans and curriculums for teachers

Besides, some schools/centers also prepare teaching plans and curriculums for teachers. Teachers just need to prepare the lectures with the assigned content and apply the appropriate teaching method for each class. This allows the teachers to shape their direction of teaching, to save time, and to avoid rambling. As the fastest way to get better in English is to study with foreign teachers, students are eager to learn and they are actively participate in the lessons. Student’s active participation will help the teaching process become easier.
It is acknowledged that an appropriate learning environment is the most crucial aspect in one’s process of learning English. An inappropriate learning environment will deteriorate a student’s eagerness in studying English and it will prevent students from learning effectively. Therefore, providing a good studying environment is highly important. Working in a Vietnamese educational environment will provide teachers a professional working environment and many essential social skills.

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