In general in Europe and in particular in Vietnam, the role of learning and applying English is increasingly enhanced and focused. To timely integrate with other countries in the world, the demand for recruiting foreign teachers to Vietnam to teach English at centers and international schools has been paid attention and placed on top. Many parents in Vietnam consider learning English as a key factor for their children’s future success, so Vietnam is an ideal destination for foreign teachers wishing to live and teach in a place with both a modern working environment and friendly, hospitable people. However, how the reality of English teachers in Vietnam is when one of the questions raised by most of the foreigners on Google: “Whether I can teach English in Vietnam If I do not have qualifications and teaching certifications or not?”

In Vietnam, the Ministry of Education and Training has issued a regulation on organization and operation of a foreign language and computer training center in Circular 21/2018 / TT-BGDĐT (effective on October 10, 2018). Accordingly, foreign teachers must meet one of the following standards: “hold a foreign language teacher diploma or higher; hold a foreign language diploma or higher and a certificate of appropriate foreign language training”.

The reality of NEST in Vietnam

However, under the view of the people who are working in the field of hiring foreigner teachers, the writer realizes that the situation of teachers without enough teaching certificates is massively “flooding” into Asian countries like China and Indonesia. , Cambodia, Laos … and Vietnam. Just having appearance like a foreigner with white skin, teachers who do not meet the quality of English are recruited by English language centers, regardless of their nationality, teaching level or qualifications.

Because of the desire to have foreign teachers to attract students, many centers have omitted the necessary requirements such as entrance examination, pedagogical examination, etc. Many centers also hire trekking tourists come to teach, do not require appropriate conditions, qualifications. Someone even uses unauthorized visa and has no official work license. This reality has many consequences such as reducing the quality of students’ output or negatively affecting other qualified teachers in the same field – even though they have a higher education level, they can be offered salary equal to “fake teachers”. They were shocked at the simple request: Let the students play then often praise them. Even these centers often change schedules, make classes, skip classes … so good teachers do not know how to teach students to make them better.

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