1. Video producing frequency: At least 2 videos/week

2. Content:

– Experience of living in Vietnam (Touching stories, experience about the Vietnamese food, lifestyle, traveling destinations, …)

– Tips of teaching in Vietnam (helpful tips and tricks, tools and advice, lesson preparation)

– Tips for living / simple Vietnamese sentences to make communication easier / websites that make it easy for an expat to get information from the community and the government/ reviews on other things

– The videos will be owned by VTJ and posted on our Youtube channel

3. Video format:  Vlog, Youtube videos

4. Who is the target audience? Ex-pat teachers/ foreigners in and outside of Vietnam

5. The goal of the video: To help bring practical values to foreign teachers in and outside of Vietnam, delivering positive vibes and emotions to the audience.

6. Video quality requirements:

  • Full HD; 3-5 minutes long (short videos) or 8-10 minutes long (long videos)
  • The speaker films themselves talking in front of the camera about the topic given by VTJ (or you can give your own suggestions)
  • Videos are recorded horizontally (16×9)
  • The lighting and background setup should be neat and clean, with high quality camera angles
  • Please make sure the audio is recorded clearly and loudly.

All videos made must satisfy the requirements above. 

7. Payment: Monthly

10-15$ for a 3-5 – minute video, 24- 30$ for a 8-10 minute video.

Apply now: https://vietnamteachingjobs.com/jobs/view/vtjs-video-making-freelancer/

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