Top 5 criteria to help you nail every job interview

If you have ever been turned down for a job position or even never passed a teaching demo evaluation, it’s high time you changed your ways of preparing yourself for an interview by keeping in mind these things below.

Top 5 criteria to help you nail every teaching job interview in Vietnam

1. You must look the part

Have you ever thought that looks are less important than abilities? Yes, and no. During the application round, recruiters will notice people who have a neat and professional appearance shown in both your profile picture and your CV. This shows that you are serious about applying and not just throwing our CVs around to get the best offer.

However, the important thing is whether you can perform well in the demo round. During the demo teaching process, recruiters will seriously evaluate your ability and knowledge, but do not forget to dress politely when going to the demo.


2. Be really enthusiastic during your teaching demo

This may not sound strange to you, but believe me, there have been a lot of people confused and lacking enthusiasm when they did a demo teaching session. Yes, they don’t mean to be “sleepy” and lacking in energy, but sadly that’s what recruiters see in your presentation and the truth is they’re not impressed.

Remember how much a teacher bored you in their class? Your future students will feel the same way as you did, bored and unmotivated while studying with you, so don’t make that mistake again.


3. Prepare carefully for the interview

Up to 90% of teachers fail in the demo teaching round, basically because they think that passing the oral interview means they have a good chance of getting accepted. However, this is completely wrong, because many people can exaggerate their qualifications and experience through their CV, but not through the demo teaching round. If you’ve never had any teaching experience but it’s written on your CV that you have 1-2 years of experience, at least act as if you do.

In addition, when doing demo teaching, you will be evaluated by an expert (usually an academic manager), not a human resources officer or a company director. So you shouldn’t take your demo preparation lightly.


4. Be a smart mouth

When you arrive at the interview location, arrive a little early. Try to strike up a conversation with the front desk and learn about what’s really going on in the place you’re going to work, for example, its habits and traditions. For example, you know that the manager you are interviewing for is planning to open another branch, and you can bring this up during the interview and offer some suggestions and recommendations of your own. This will definitely make a strong impression on the interviewer, and even if you are inexperienced or make a few mistakes, you still have a huge advantage over other candidates.

Of course, you won’t always find out easily the juicy details in a center before you start working. However, you can also try asking about what the staffs there think about the organization, so that if some signs of dissatisfaction are shown on their faces, you can tell that the place you are trying to get in is really not as nice as it seems on the outside. Please consider this carefully.


5. Always take the initiative

Tired of waiting for HR to respond? There are thousands of reasons why HR can’t reply to you, for example, your email got into spam, your CV is still being considered, HR is too busy to reply, too many emails so your CV is missed, .. . or they are simply not impressed with your CV and decide not to contact you.

So why not take the initiative? Look up the employer you’re hoping to hear from, and get in touch with a phone call. Believe me, this also makes a huge impression on the employer, and even if it doesn’t get you the job you want, at least you can still get a reasonable answer.

However, if you aren’t fond of calling, go to their facility and apply in person. There is nothing more certain than taking the lead to win what you want.

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Gracie Nguyen

To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.

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To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.