The important of TESOL/TEFL Certificate for English Teachers

The demand for studying English with foreign teachers is high right now in Asia, especially in Vietnam. The reason behind this high demand is the need for globalization. Therefore, Asia becomes a promising place for teachers who want to teach English abroad. However, the quality of education is not guaranteed when many “self-claimed” teachers apply for different teaching positions. After the interview round, it turns out that these “self-claimed” teachers do not have any TESOL/TEFL certificate as well as experiences in teaching. 

1. The role of English teaching certificate in education 

Most employers require applicants to prove their abilities through their diploma or teaching certificate. If teachers do not have these certificates, they do not meet the requirements.

TESOL/TEFL course is important for English teachers who want to pursue professional teaching as well as teaching for a variety of groups. With your TESOL/TEFL certificate, you can easily find a good job at international schools or English centers with a decent salary. Moreover, your CV will be more valuable when you have one of these two certificates.

The TESOL/TEFL course is essential in pursuing your teaching career. This course provides teachers with strategies and methods of teaching. Furthermore, teachers will also study about problem-solving and students’ psychological habits to help balance the class. These skills will give teachers more confidence in teaching and prepare teachers for their future careers.

2. Details of the course

Each certificate has its uniqueness to serve different purposes as well as deliver effective results. The courses usually focus on instructing teachers in English teaching methods and application in real life. These classes aim to provide teachers with basic skills and knowledge in teaching including:

  • Traditional and innovative teaching strategies with frequent application and practice
  • Appropriate behaviors and confidence in class
  • Problem-solving and balance between academic and activities
  • Application of knowledge into practices
  • Logical and scientific lesson preparation
  • Observation of students’ progress
  • Evaluation of students’ abilities and suitable changes
120 Hour TESOL/TEFL certificate on successful completion of the course.

TESOL/TEFL Certificate in Ninja Teacher Academy

3. Types of programs

There are three types of programs to choose: In-class courses and online courses. The variety of courses allow students to study based on their purposes and schedules.

    1.1 In-class program

This is the most common type of program if teachers want to have the fullest experiences. Teachers can study directly with their instructors as well as working with their colleagues. This is the best way for teachers to meet like-minded people. In-class programs allow teachers to share their experiences and look for more advice.

Moreover, teachers can also use the schools/centers’ facilities to practice their teaching skills and gain more knowledge in the educational field. In-class program is highly recommended as it helps teachers focus directly on educational skills and allow teachers for direct interaction.

    1.2 Online program

With the development of technology, online learning becomes easier than ever. There are two types of online program:

-1st type: Synchronized class. All teachers have to study at the same fixed time using a webcam. There will be an attendance check and the lesson will be presented through teaching tools on the computer.

-2nd type: Individual class. Individuals will set their own studying time that fits their schedule. Teachers will receive online lectures and write reports following their schedule as long as they submit before the due date. Teachers and their instructors will share their feedback through an online platform.

4. What programs should I choose right now?

Due to the terrible condition of Covid-19, teachers are recommended to take their TESOL/TEFL courses online. Some advantages of online learning are:

  • Flexibility of time
  • Saving money
  • Revising lessons and materials at any time
  • Modern class with online study and practices
  • Prevention of getting infected from Covid-19

5. Where is the best place to study TESOL/TEFL?

There are many quality schools and centers in Vietnam that offer TESOL/TEFL courses as well as career guidance for teachers. Ninja Teacher Academy is famous for its well-oriented TESOL/TEFL courses, which offers an international curriculum with many practices.

Get your TESOL/TEFL certificate online from Ninja Teacher

Get your TESOL/TEFL certificate online from Ninja Teacher

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