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Teaching supplies are an indispensable part of offline learning sessions. Sticky ball, lucky wheel, vocabulary cards, fly swatter, basket, ball, board game,… there are countless kinds of teaching supplies that you can choose from to make your lessons more engaging and easy. . If you’re looking to buy them, check out some of our online shop recommendations below. Quickly order a few items to try them out in your upcoming lessons!

Online shops for Teaching supplies in Vietnam

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Some Warm-up games using teaching tools:

Online shops for Teaching supplies

1/ Scavenger hunt

Use this game to test vocabulary or practice vocabulary in the Warm-up stage and practice listening skills for all students, especially weak students.

To perform the game in 3-5 minutes, the teacher must first prepare and bring some teaching supplies to the class (the names of the objects are the words to review.)

– The teacher places objects with names related to the lesson on a chair or table in the middle of the class (in an easy-to-see position).

– Divide the class into two groups A and B. Pick about 4 to 6 students from each group on the board and ask the number of students representing these two groups to stand far apart. Assign numbers to students.

– Asking the game request: The teacher will name the object in English and the students must get the correct object with that name.

– When the teacher calls a number, the two students with that number in the two teams representing the two groups run quickly to get the object. Whoever is faster and gets the correct object that the teacher calls will score 1 point.

The team with the most points wins.

2/ Sentence order

Use this game to review some grammar structures in Language focus or review lessons. Duration is from 5-7 minutes.

  • Teaching supplies: The teacher prepares paper cards (can use cardboard or a wall calendar to make) or plastic cards (cut from a plastic board that is widely available at bookstores to use more times). The screen size is large or small depending on the size of the screen on the content to be examined.

The teacher prepares some sentences to review and writes each word of these sentences on a card (depending on the student’s level to prepare long or short, difficult or easy sentences). .

– Divide the class into two groups A and B. Depending on the number of words in each sentence, let the teacher call the number of students in each group to the front of the class (for example, if a sentence has 6 words, call 6 students).

– The teacher shuffles the words in the sentence before distributing to the number of students called to the board, one for each student.

– Within a certain amount of time (eg 30 seconds), these students have to bring their words to the front and arrange themselves in teams to get a complete and correct sentence.

– The team that arranges correctly and fastest gets 2 points from the teacher.

The teacher summed up: The team with the most points wins.

3/ Spelling Game

This game is used to test or review some vocabulary and practice listening and speaking skills at the Warm-up stage. Play time is 3-5 minutes.

– The teacher divides the class into 2 rows of students (horizontal or vertical) to play.

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– The teacher introduces the game content that the teacher will read a word and the students must be able to write the word on the board and then spell it. The top two children of the two teams win the right to play first.

– The teacher reads to the first two children in the two rows a word and these two children must run quickly to the board and write the word on the board then spell it.

– Students who write incorrectly or spell incorrectly will not get points. If the answer is correct and the spelling is correct, that team gets 1 point.

– After answering, whether it’s right or wrong, the student must sit down to save the next player’s turn.

– Take turns playing until the teacher has gone all the words to check or until the time assigned by the teacher has expired. Teacher sums up: The team with more points is the winner

4/ Car racing game

This is a very good game that helps students learn while playing but also plays a role as an effective method to review vocabulary. Teachers can use this game at the beginning or at the end of a lesson to reinforce knowledge or review previous lessons. The duration is from 5-7 minutes.

The teacher can do it on the board or prepare it on the extra board. Draw three straight lines to create two parallel tracks and divide the tracks into equal rectangles (Students can do it on scratch paper) to play. The more teams the more tracks you have to create.

– Initially, two “racers” (for example, for number 1, write “kite” and number 2 write “cat”), then the first player will write the word whose first letter is the last letter of the opponent’s word.

– The race will end when a racer has a “tire flat” (writes the wrong word or repeats the word in front, or runs out of gas (can’t find the next word anymore).

– In this game, the teacher can judge, score, and divide the class into two teams to race against each other or two individuals.

5/ Guessing word game

The objective of this game is to review vocabulary and is done at the beginning of the lesson. Duration: 5 minutes.

– The teacher writes the crosswords on the board. Depending on the words that the teacher prepares to test to write the appropriate crossword. Each letter is a cell.

– The teacher divides the class into two teams. The assistant (teacher or student) takes a word according to a topic to be tested and then writes on the board or on paper a number of squares corresponding to the number of letters of that word.

– Players will guess one letter at a time, if that letter is in the crossword, the game owner will write that letter in the correct position. Each correct guess will score 1 point.

– During the game, the team that finds the correct answer and reads the word correctly will score 2 points. Conversely, the team will lose after five incorrect guesses (The number of times is determined by the owner and the player) without finding a correct letter.

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Vietnam Teaching Jobs (VTJ), which was founded in 2012 is a well-established platform for teachers to find their dream teaching job in Vietnam. Covering the entirety of the country, we have successfully paired thousands of happy teachers and schools. Be part of the thousands of happy teachers working in Vietnam, register and apply for your dream job today!