Most Used Lesson Planning Tools by English Teachers

Being a teacher is one of the most time-consuming jobs as a teacher has to balance the time between teaching and preparing lessons. Lesson plans can play a vital role in simplifying a teacher’s job, and also can ensure that classes are conducted in a seamless and efficient manner. A good lesson plan can be a great way for teachers to organize activities, highlight areas of focus, experiment with different ideas, and set goals for student achievement. With effective lesson planning, teachers can have a solid diagram to follow in order to stay organized and ensure student success. To help teachers save time when planning lessons, Vietnam Teaching Jobs will introduce some planning tools that are most used by teachers globally.

1. PlanbookEdu

It is a flexible tool that helps teachers easily create, share, and print lesson plans. Moreover, teachers can attach the homework and lesson materials directly to a student plan and access it anytime.

2. Common Curriculum

There is a variety of templates for teachers to choose from. Teachers can drag and drop unit items into their sections and set up their lessons to common core standards. Common Curriculum also allows teachers to post lessons and homework onto the classroom websites as well as share and view lesson plans with colleagues.

3. Socrative Teacher

This tool helps teachers to be creative in class and engage with students. Socrative Teacher facilitates teachers with quizzes, quick question polls, space races, and other types of assessments to keep track of students.

4. Core Learning Exchange

Core Learning Exchange is perfect for teachers who teach in a personalized classroom environment. This tool helps the teacher to design individualized instructions for students. Teachers can build their curriculum from scratch based on the content library of lessons and knowledge. Some of the features are Rubric and Assignment Library, Progress Reporting, Annotation Feature, etc.

Most Used Lesson Planning Tools by Teachers

Core Learning Exchange

5. WeLearnedIt

This tool is highly recommended when it comes to sharing dynamic assignments and giving students meaningful feedback. WeLearnedIt helps teachers in keeping up with the students’ progress by tracking their academic growth and achievements in the digital learning portfolio.

6. Universal Design for Learning Lesson Builder

This tool allows teachers to create their plans based on the framework with flexible goals, assessments, and materials.

7. Standards Toolbox

Besides aligning lesson plans to common core standards and providing planners, Standards Toolbox equips teachers with grade books, test generators, and an educator’s network.

8. Google Docs

Google Docs is a flexible tool as you can use it anywhere. Google Docs is also easy when it comes to sharing documents with others. Google offers customizable lesson templates in addition to weekly, monthly, and unit planners.

9. Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office provides teachers with multiple daily, weekly, and unit specific lesson plan templates that are suitable for any grade levels. This allows teachers to have several options when creating a lesson plan.

10. Microsoft Office Power Point

PowerPoint (PPT) is a powerful, easy-to-use presentation graphics software program which allows teachers to create professional-looking electronic slide shows to prepare lessons. PPT is used to present information in an organized manner to an individual or group. Using clip art, sound clips, movie clips, graphs, organization charts, imported Web screens, and many other features, you can easily create a presentation that will impress your students and convey your message clearly and professionally.

Most Used Lesson Planning Tools by Teachers

Microsoft Powerpoint 2016

11. K-12 Reader 

K-12 Reader impresses teachers with their variety of useful worksheets and activities. Moreover, teachers have the option to choose unit specific or multi-subject templates. There are more complex plans for teachers who want to challenge themselves, which give teachers the flexibility and option of using whatever they need.


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