Location Hà Nội
Date Posted 2021-08-27
Category Academic English
General English
Science, Math and English Teachers
Teach Primary School
Job Type Full-time
Are you willing to accept and support teachers outside for their application? (Due to COVID-19 pandemic) No
Nationality of candidate: American, Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand
Experience > 2 years
Candidate Requirements Bachelor's Degree
Where is the employer located: Hà Nội
Salary: USD2000-2500/month


As a member of the International Department, you are expected to and required to uphold the values and philosophy of SenTia School, to promote our child-centered approach to teaching and learning, and to support the objectives of the school at all times. You are expected to set an example of a professional, conscientious and dedicated teacher, providing a role model for our students to follow.  You will be responsible for the following:

  1. Teaching subjects in the international program as directed to do so by the Head of the International Programs, and as outlined on the teaching schedule.
  2. Planning lessons, including preparing supplementary materials, adapting them to best meet the needs of your students.
  3. Differentiating learning to meet the needs of individual students in your class.
  4. Motivating students in your class to produce their best possible work.
  5. Setting and checking homework in conjunction with your teaching assistant.
  6. Providing timely feedback to students on all submitted pieces of work.
  7. Maintaining up to date records such as gradebooks and records of achievement as directed to do so by the departmental leadership.
  8. Maintaining records on the departmental shared drives so other teachers might also benefit from the resources you create.
  9. Helping to write assessment resources as directed to do so by the departmental leadership.
  10. Grading exam papers as directed to do so by the departmental leadership.
  11. Writing comments and fully completing mid-term and end of term reports for all students in your classes, and meeting the deadlines set by the department for doing so.
  12. Attending weekly teacher’s meetings and feeding back weekly at these meetings on the progress of your classes, raising concerns you may have about the progress of individual students.
  13. Working with the Director of Operations, the Head of International Programs, home room teachers and teaching assistants to identify students who require additional support for any reason (for example, academically, behaviorally or emotionally), and developing systems and plans to support those students as required.
  14. Meeting with parents at parent conferences once every semester.
  15. Meeting with parents on an ad-hoc basis to discuss specific student needs.
  16. Taking a full and enthusiastic part in all school events, and playing a full part in school life.
  17. Helping to maintain a clean and tidy work environment, both in the teacher’s room and in classrooms.


  1. A competitive salary depending on qualifications and experience
  2. Support towards obtaining a full Visa and Work Permit
  3. Medical Insurance and paid annual leave holidays
  4. Other benefits and salary will be discussed during the interview



  • English Teacher teaching English as a second language for young students in Grades 1-9 (aged 6 to 14). The position will be fulltime, starting from September 2021.
  1. Be a native English speaker.
  2. A university degree - this must be a bachelor’s degree (minimum 3 year course) or higher, A degree in the field of Education is a plus
  3. A Qualification in English Language Teaching (CELTA or Trinity TESOL or a post-graduate ESL teaching qualification that includes minimum 6 hours live teaching practice observed and assessed by a tutor) and/or undergraduate degrees in Education, or with post graduate certificates in education including PGCE, PGCE International, American certification or 'Teach Now', or equivalent from other countries.
  4. A clean criminal record check (can be supplied later)
  5. At least 2-year experience of teaching at schools of similar level
  6. Be able to demonstrate a long-term commitment to SenTia.
  7. Be able to demonstrate effective communication, professional standards and ethical behavior.
  8. Be prepared to enthusiastically take part in all aspects of school life, including becoming involved in school events and participating in extracurricular activities.



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