How to Get a Good English Teaching Jobs in Viet Nam

English, from being just a little-known language and sometimes was the “second-choice” option of language students, only more than a decade, accompanied by socio-economic development, has confirmed its No. 1 position in modern life. English is now used everywhere literally. It is used in searching, learning, and teaching around the world. And, Vietnam is not an exception to this language. This rapid development has led to trends in the training and recruitment of English teachers in Vietnam. Especially, the current great demand for native language teachers has created a lot of jobs for foreigners living and working in Vietnam. So what can help you get a good English teaching jobs in Viet Nam?

1. Meet all requirements for a good English teaching jobs in Viet Nam

To qualify for a job teaching English in Vietnam, a University diploma, TESOL, TEFL, CELTA certificate of English teaching, and a legal working visa are just basic requirements. Every school, every educational institute will have its own requirements for applicants. So, how to become a qualified English teacher for English teaching jobs in Viet Nam?

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A Good English Teaching Jobs in Viet Nam

A Good English Teaching Jobs in Viet Nam

2. Prepare legal papers to get good English teaching jobs in Vietnam

More and more foreigners are coming to Vietnam to become English teachers, but with the initial unclear purpose, most of them only have visitor visas or not bring enough required papers to apply to the job and for a work permit in Vietnam. So what are the most necessary papers:

– Passport and relevant valid visa

-Work permit (Including the following documents to prepare)

+ University degree

+ Teaching certificate

+ Health check record

+ Judicial record


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3. Understand the requirements of each employer

Recruiters post job descriptions and specific requirements for the specific job position, but that’s not all that will happen in the workplace. This requires applicants to learn more carefully by contacting employers, search for information about positions through other sources such as the internet or senior teachers.

Those requirements could be:

+ Working with high frequency and pressure

+ Communicating to young children

+ Working with logical thinking and able to build curriculum

+ Persuading students to continue to register for the next course

+ Tailoring some of the lessons to meet student’s needs and personalities. As long as the objectives are met, there’s nothing wrong with putting your own spin on the lessons.

+ Working with admin work entails progress reports, open lessons, correcting tests, evaluating homework, and parent-teacher conferences (Kids & Teens products only).

+ Taking part in in-center training for teachers.

+ Organizing and participating in outside activities to enhance speaking skills

A Good English Teaching Jobs in Viet Nam

A Good English Teaching Jobs in Viet Nam

4. How much is the salary for a good English Teaching Jobs in Viet Nam

Salary is quite attractive in Viet Nam if you compare it to the cost living. Salary will range from $ 15 to $ 22 an hour on an hourly basis or from $ 15 million to $ 20 million for a monthly salary. However, what is the salary that is worthy of your qualifications and abilities. Make an assessment based on criteria such as class type, location of instruction, and other supports such as accommodation, transportation,  meals, air-port pickup upon arrival, work permit and business visa.


5. Dress code for ESL teacher in Viet Nam

When you already got a good English teaching jobs in Viet Nam and signed the contract. There are lots of things you should prepare. One of them is to were the suitable working clothes. The dress code for teaching in Viet Nam is not too different from other countries in the world. If you work in the North of Viet Nam, wear a warn semi-formal jacket in the winter, in the south you should wear formal and comfortable clothes.

Here are some ideas on what you can wear when teaching:

For women teachers:

– A knee-length dress and standard neckline

– A sleeveless blouse and a cardigan

– All types of formal shoes

For men teachers:

– Dress pants and a button sleeve shirt

– Dress pants and polo shirt

– Black or grey shoes

These all tips to help you understand and get a good English teaching jobs in Viet Nam. Hope you can find your desired teaching job with the best compensation.

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