How ESL teachers can find a job during an COVID-19 pandemic?

Finding a stable job is never easy for ESL teachers. But the corona virus pandemic is creating challenges unlike any we’ve ever seen, with unemployment expected to hit 16% or higher and employers laying off or furloughing millions. The job search engine site Indeed says job postings from late April to July were more than a third lower than a year ago.

So, how can you find a suitable job these days? Understanding the difficulties, Vietnam Teaching Jobs wants to share some tips that will help ESL teachers find their way easier in Vietnam. We hope that the following tips will help you find your ESL teaching job soon!

1. Research international schools or English centers in the active-hiring mode

When the government is not issued the nationwide social distancing to curb COVID-19, some international schools or English language centers still hire ESL teachers. The school switched to online teaching instead of directly while ensuring safety and controlling the learning situation of students without delay.  All students have access to reliable internet or the tools and support they need to succeed at home.

2. Focusing on online teaching jobs

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The corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought life to a standstill across the world, with nearly 178 countries reporting school closures. While many school systems and teachers are trying to engage students, they face at least three serious bottlenecks: (1) stress due to economic uncertainty, concern for the safety of students, and anxiety about the future; (2) the daunting challenge of returning to schools where many students have dropped out or fallen behind ― and increased pressure on teachers to ensure catch-up with little professional development support; and (3) little access to the right technologies or the skills to use them.

ESL teachers teach English online

ESL teachers teach English online

Many of us are being productive during the lock down and are using our time for distance learning. For this reason, online learning platforms have seen an increase in demand for their online courses. You can find teaching positions such as:

  • Online General English Teachers
  • Online Academic English Teachers
  • Online  Science, Math and English Teachers

and so on.

3. You should negotiate lower wages

As a response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Vietnamese government locked down the populations and closed some schools in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus. In mid-April, UNESCO reported 192 countries had closed all schools and universities, affecting more than 90 percent of the world’s learners: almost 1.6 billion children and young people. In order not to lose out on education, children – students – young people have to learn by themself at home under the guidance of teachers through online teaching tools.

Online English teaching has become the most popular teaching method during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with a lot of benefits:

  • ESL teachers do not need to go to school
  • Flexible learning schedule
  • Safety
  • Highly effective learning environments
  • Real-time student monitoring and corresponding reports
  • More opportunities to teach.
  • Available in any location, with an internet connection.

The fact that online courses are cheaper when compared to the ones held in a traditional class at schools and the stress on economic uncertainty of schools. So that the payments for English teachers is much lower than usual. As an ESL teacher, you should accept a low salary when having an online teaching job during this outbreak.

4. Where to look for a job

In a recent Jobvite survey, 58% of recruiters said they’re using social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or recruitment agencies to promote their brands and connect to talent.

You can look for reliable job offers through a recruitment website such as Vietnam Teaching Jobs – a website specialized in providing jobs for English teachers in Vietnam. Working with Vietnam Teaching Jobs, all employers have to ensure the quality and safety of teachers. Teachers only need to apply online and if your submissions meet the employers’ requirements, the consultants will work with teachers to give the best advice.

Access at: Vietnam Teaching Jobs

Vietnam Teaching Jobs is also available on FacebookLinkedIn, Google Business.

If you have any problems during your time in Vietnam, please reach out to Vietnam Teaching Jobs or send your CV & documents directly to our email:, we will provide you with our best supports.

Good luck!

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