This is one of the most asked questions for foreign teachers who want to find English teaching jobs in Ho Chi Minh city. There is no doubt that it will be hard for teachers to make wise decisions and adapt to the new lifestyles in a big city or a new country, especially Ho Chi Minh city – the intersection of cross cultures and traditions.

Understanding the difficulties, Vietnam Teaching Jobs wants to share some tips that will help teachers find their way easier in Vietnam. We hope that the following tips will help you find a suitable English teaching jobs soon!

 1. About Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh city is about 1.730 kilometers from Hanoi and it is the center of southeast Asia. Ho Chi Minh city connects all cities in Vietnam as well as big cities in the South East Asia region. Ho Chi Minh City has the largest airport and the largest port in the whole country as Saigon port carries more than 10 million tons every year and Tan Son Nhat airport operates hundreds of flights every day.

Ho Chi Minh city is a young city with about 300 years of development. Despite its young history, the city has marvelous tourist attractions, architecture, and museums.

With the geographical advantage, Ho Chi Minh city is called “Pearl of the Orient” during the 20th century. It is the center of economics and cultures as people from not only Vietnam but also from other countries gather in one big city. Ho Chi Minh city was famous for its diversity, where every culture and traditions are embraced. Being influenced by many cultures, people from Ho Chi Minh city are friendly, energetic, and outgoing.

Finding English Teaching Jobs in HCMC

With the geographical advantage, HCMC is called “Pearl of the Orient” during the 20th century.

Ho Chi Minh city is a vibrant city where you have a variety of options in trying new things. There are millions of cuisines for you to choose from. Moreover, you can visit thousands of tourist attractions both inside and outside of Ho Chi Minh city with very cheap transportation. You can make friends with the locals as well and they are very glad to show you around. If you are adventurous and willing to learn besides teaching, Ho Chi Minh city is a perfect place for you!

2. Looking for English teaching jobs in the right way

Ho Chi Minh City has the largest jobs for foreigners in Vietnam, especially for English teachers as it has a decent salary with amazing benefits from schools. However, not every teacher can find English teaching jobs easily when they first come to Ho Chi Minh city.

Firstly, you need to determine what types of students you can teach. Things to have in consideration include your ability in teaching, students’ age group, students’ ability to concentrate and comprehend, psychological and mental aspects, etc. You need to understand your ability to find a suitable job.

Secondly, you need to prepare legal documents as well as satisfy all the requirements to get English teaching jobs in Vietnam. Here are the requirements for a qualified teacher:


  • Graduating from university or having a pedagogical certificate in local countries
  • Having good pronunciation and ability to communicate
  • Having an international English teaching certificate: TESOL, CELTA, TEFL
  • (If you have not had an international English teaching certificate yet, sign up at this link:(TESOL/TEFL courses offered by Ninja Teacher – the most quality program for TESOL/TEFL)
  • Having experiences in teaching English in a local country or other countries.
  • Ability to adapt quickly to the new working environment.

Criteria of origin, background, and common characters

  • Having a clear passport and record in the home country or other countries
  • Having a legal work permit issued by the state (if not yet granted, must provide sufficient identification to the school/support center)
  • Having a legal visa.
  • No previous conviction and offense.
  • Enthusiasm, friendliness and open-mindedness and open-minded
  • Understanding the characteristics of Vietnamese traditions and cultures

Thirdly, you should be the one who actively looks for a job. Despite a large number of jobs, you will make many mistakes as well as spend a long time looking for English teaching jobs if you are not careful. The situation in which teachers work for low-quality schools that do not pay on time or reduce teaching time happens frequently. Therefore, you can look for reliable job offers through a recruitment website such as Vietnam Teaching Jobs – a website specialized in providing jobs for English teachers in Vietnam. Working with Vietnam Teaching Jobs, all employers have to ensure the quality and safety of teachers. Teachers only need to apply online and if your submissions meet the employers’ requirements, the consultants will work with teachers to give the best advice.

Get your English teaching jobs in HCMC through Vietnam Teaching Jobs

Vietnam Teaching Jobs

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Finally, to find a suitable job, you have to prove your ability. Most well-known schools and English centers in Ho Chi Minh city have high standards and strict requirements for English teachers. Your certificate is not the only factor that guarantees you a decent job. After the interview round, employers will ask you to perform a demonstration class so that they can have the most authentic judgments. Thus, teachers need to prepare both mentally and physically to perform a successful demonstration class!

3. Other problems

The common concerns foreign teachers have before finding a job in Ho Chi Minh city are accommodation and transportation. In the beginning, many teachers will choose to live in a hotel and rent a motorbike. However, these options are pricy and cannot be used in the long-term.

If you are not afraid of inconvenience, you can rent houses in suburban districts that are far from the center such as Tân Phú, Tân Bình, Bình Tân, Gò Vấp,… It may take time to travel to the center, but you can still find good jobs in those areas. The living expenses in these districts are much better than those in big districts like district 1, 10, 3, etc.

For transportation, you can use the technology drive such as Grabbike, Be, Goviet, etc, which is cheaper, and you can also see daily life in Vietnam. After about one month in Vietnam, when you are familiar with the Vietnamese road, you should buy an old motorbike. The price for a motorbike from 2015-2017 can be about 7-15 million VND, which is pricy, but it can be used for a long time. Having a motorbike will help you save money and allow you flexibility in traveling as well.

When it comes to food, allow yourself to try new things. Vietnam has the most diverse cuisines in Asia at a cheap price. With only from $0.8 to $1.5, you can have a fresh smoothie, a delicious broken rice dish or a vermicelli bowl, etc.

Overall, it is not difficult for teachers to find jobs in Ho Chi Minh city. If you put the effort into researching and preparing for the procedures, you will find a suitable job with a decent salary and amazing benefits. Your experiences in Vietnam will be incredible if you have plans for them.

If you have any problems when finding English teaching jobs during your time at Ho Chi Minh city, please reach out to Vietnam Teaching Jobs or please send your CV & documents directly to our email: and we will provide you with our best supports. Good luck!


We hope that the following tips will help you find a suitable English teaching jobs soon!

We hope that the following tips will help you find a suitable job soon!

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