Classroom Issues Quiz

There are countless unfortunate situations that can happen in an ESL classroom, which sometimes create a really big setback for new teachers. Below is a quiz to see if you can cope well with the possible challenges in an English class (language barrier, student attitude, technical error, …)!

Classroom Issues Quiz 1

Classroom Issues Quiz- Question 1

A. Spend as much time trying to encourage the student to speak as much as everyone else

B. Observe and figure out the student’s learning styles and strengths and let them work on them

C. Let him do what he wants as Iong as he doesn’t bother other students

D. Be strict and work with the parent to ask them to intervene


Classroom Issues Quiz 2

Classroom Issues Quiz- Question 2

A. Call in his parent and complain

B. Request a transfer for the student

C. Give the student what they want on the condition that they need to listen to you while in class

D. Talk and learn about their situation, find out why they behave like that and deal with their cause.

Classroom Issues Quiz 3

Classroom Issues Quiz- Question 3

A. Apply strict rules and threaten to alert parents

B. Pretend not to see and continue to lecture

C. Tell them about a big reward at the end of each week or month, but for every first language they speak, 1% of the prize value is lost.

D. Continually remind students to speak English

Classroom Issues Quiz 4

Classroom Issues Quiz- Question 4

A. Separate the student from the class

B. Talk to the student and make individual agreements about how they should behave in class

C. Call parents to complain about their behavior

D. Strict rules apply and they will result in penalties if they fail to do so


Classroom Issues Quiz 5

Classroom Issues Quiz- Question 5

A. Ask an assistant to translate it for you

B. Switch games / activities if they don’t seem to understand what to do

C. Give an example with the tutor so they can figure out how to play / do it

D. Bypass the activity and replace it with an easier but less efficient one

Classroom Issues Quiz 6

Classroom Issues Quiz- Question 6

A. Encourage and ask another student to support that student in class

B. Talk to the parent to support the student with time

C. Give him / her a few more hours of tutor to stabilize knowledge

D. All of the above


Classroom Issues Quiz 7

Classroom Issues Quiz- Question 7

A. Stop the activity immediately to allow enough time for other things

B. Write down the reasons why you are running out of time and avoid repeating the mistakes the next time, and ask students to read more about things not yet taught at home.

C. As long as the student likes the activity, there is no problem

D. Try to cram the rest of the knowledge in the little remaining time


Classroom Issues Quiz 8

Classroom Issues Quiz- Question 8

A. Ask a tutor to help review the missing knowledge for them outside of school

B. Add old knowledge to new lessons to both review and teach new lessons to the whole class

C. Set aside a session to re-teach all old knowledge that new students miss

D. A and B are correct

Classroom Issues Quiz 9

Classroom Issues Quiz- Question 9

A. Focus on calling on weaker students in the class to answer questions

B. Tell the strong student to talk less

C. Explain to the strong student that the other friends need the chance to speak too

D. A and C are correct

Classroom Issues Quiz 10

Classroom Issues Quiz- Question 10

A. Just let a few typical students speak

B. Organize a certain game to make everyone enthusiastic

C. Works with the school / center to get some additional tutors to assist with student management

D. B and C are correct

Ready? Now here are the answers, let’s see how many you have got correctly:


1 B 6 D
2 D 7 B
3 C 8 D
4 B 9 D
5 C 10 D


If you have got more than 7 correct answers, congratulations! Keep up your good work and never give up on any classroom issues while teaching, and don’t forget to have fun!


To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.

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To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.