10 tips to guarantee a successful ONLINE interview

1. What is an online interview?

 Online interviews are job interviews that take place in the form of face-to-face meetings over the internet. Some organizations only conduct online interviews by calling, but most prefer to use video, typically through technology applications such as Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. The use of the internet for interviews has greatly facilitated the recruitment process of organizations who are in search of talent remotely.

2. Pros and cons of online interviews

online interview

Online interview- Preparation stage

Online interviewing is still new, so it is not the most popular form of interviewing. In fact, objectively speaking, compared to face-to-face interviews, the online form of interview can present certain advantages and disadvantages.


– Great savings in terms of time, costs and preparation procedures. Expand your pool of candidates. Every business wants to find the person who is most able to manage the work and work for them. Organizing interviews via skype helps recruiters easily narrow down the source of potential candidates, approach and learn directly and quickly with the right candidates, not just rely on human resources. locally available.

– Flexibility and initiative in terms of time and place. This is quite understandable because online interviews are not fixed to a certain time frame. Both parties, the candidate and the interviewer can choose to change the time for the interviews if there is an emergency. In addition to time flexibility, online interviews also allow flexibility in terms of location selection. Instead of spending time going to the interview place, candidates can choose the most suitable place and seat for themselves.


– The interviewer cannot observe the candidate in real life. When interviewing online, the interviewer will have limited opportunity to observe the candidate’s small gestures, thereby coming to the most effective hiring decision. Businesses and companies use online interviews because it is more convenient to interview people who live far away, but they do not want to completely eliminate face-to-face interviews.

On the other hand, the interviewer also has no control over the tools or anyone who advises the candidate at the time of the interview.

– Online interviews are limited to remote areas. The best people don’t always appear in the big cities. The poor network signal in remote areas will reduce the chances of people living there to find suitable jobs.

3. What to prepare before an online interview?

  • Download and familiarize yourself with the software: 

If the interviewer asks you to download interview software such as skype or zoom, the first thing you should do is download the software to your computer in advance and allow yourself to get to know how it works. After downloading, spend some time investigating some functions of it, in order to make sure there would be no problem arising while you are having the actual interview.

  • Set the user name as your real name:

One of the most taboo things when interviewing online is that you “miss” to let the employer see that the user name is cobecodon or chimsebietyeu. To prevent that from happening, it’s best to let your account name be your real name. This will help you have a professional demeanor that will make recruiters sympathetic and find your resume after the interview.

  • Webcam test:

During video interviews, you should check your webcam to see if your picture is clear. If the webcam has a problem, you should take it to repair before it’s too late, or if it’s too close to the schedule, you can borrow a friend’s device with a better webcam.

  • Dress neatly and politely:

Whether interviewing face-to-face or interviewing online, form is still extremely important. In some cases, you will have to stand up to get documents, or the employer will ask you to stand up. Then it would be embarrassing if you wore a vest and… shorts underneath. Putting on a well-dressed outfit will make you want to behave more properly. Don’t forget, good manners are extremely important. >> The secret to choosing an outfit for the interview

  • Clean up the interview site:

When interviewing online, you should make sure everything that gets into the frame is premeditated. Take a look around and see if anything cluttered will appear on the screen. It is easy for employers to judge you by some small actions. Don’t distract the recruiter with a messy room.

Online interview- avoid noisy places

  • Avoid noisy places:

In addition to messy clothes, messy rooms, candidates should also avoid places with noise. If your block is under repair, you can go to a coffee shop or the city library. If you’re in a room, make sure you won’t be disturbed by other people or pets. Turn off cell phones, alarms, and other electronic devices that might interrupt the interview.

  • Prepare pen and paper:

You should have a pen and paper ready to take notes or answer some questions from the interviewer.

  • Prepare a soft CV:

A smart candidate should have a soft CV ready on the table in case you need to specify your work experience information, date data, company name, achievements …. If you do not have a soft copy CV, you can create a CV right away and download your CV docx on JobsGO.

  • Set of expressions in front of the webcam:

Before starting the actual interview, practice your expressions in front of the webcam. Pay attention to how good you are on your webcam and how you can be better. A good attitude will make your internal presentation more attractive.



Gracie Nguyen

To have lucks is a type of talent. Not knowing how to seize the opportunities is also a form of incompetence.

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To have lucks is a type of talent. Not knowing how to seize the opportunities is also a form of incompetence.
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