Zoom vs Google Meet: Which is better?

Two of the most popular video communication tools for online teaching are Zoom and Google Meet. Let’s see a detailed comparison between this two software: Zoom vs Google Meet.

Zoom vs Google Meet: Which is better?

Zoom and Google Meet are both video conferencing services, and they offer a lot of the same features. But one service may be better suited to your needs depending on the size of your team and what other applications you plan to use.


  • Both Zoom and Google Meet offer free accounts.
  • Both support HD video.
  • Video calls on Google or Zoom can be customized.
  • Both Google Meet and Zoom support closed captioning.
  • Both support screen sharing.
  • With Zoom or Google Meet, you get a secure platform.
  • Both provide analytics.


  • Zoom supports 1080p HD video, while Google Meet supports 720p.
  • Zoom supports up to 500 participants, while Google Meet has up to 250 participants.
  • Zoom meetings run for up to 30 hours, while Google Meet meetings run for 24 hours.
  • Google Meet closed captions are automatically generated, while for Zoom, you have to enter them.
  • People without an account can join Zoom meetings, but non-account holders can’t join Google Meet meetings.

Compare the main features between Zoom and Google Meet

Video quality (HD)


With Zoom, you enjoy HD quality video conferencing. Normally, the aspect ratio of a Zoom video is 4:3, but for HD you will get an aspect ratio of about 16:9.

With a pro account, you can enjoy 720p or 1020p video quality.

Google Meet

Standard video quality for calls on Google Meet is 320p. However, the platform does support HD video calling at 720p. 320p is the default video quality and you can switch to HD from the settings. However, on mobile devices, it is not possible to manually adjust to HD.


Meeting time limit


With a free Zoom account, you can host up to 100 online meeting participants in about 40 minutes. Face-to-face meetings have no time limit.

The Pro package also supports 100 participants, but meetings can last up to 30 hours, the price of the pro package is about 370,000 VND/month. There are also other plans with a larger number of participants for businesses. Detailed packages can be found here.

Google Meet

If you’re on the Google Workspace Essentials plan, you can host video meetings for up to 24 hours for private or group meetings. For group meetings, the maximum number of participants allowed is 150.

You get the same meeting runtime as the Google Workspace Enterprise plan, but with a higher number of participants. The plan supports up to 250 participants for group meetings.

With the Free plan, you can organize about 100 participants into a group meeting. These free meetings last up to 60 minutes.

Screen Sharing


During a meeting, Zoom allows users to share different content. The server controls screen sharing on Zoom, you also have the right to allow or restrict participants to view the screen you share.

You can share your entire device screen, or part of it, a specific app or apps, device audio, whiteboard, and content from the second camera. To share content from the second camera, it must be connected to your device.

Google Meet

With Google Meet, you can share a specific window or your entire screen during a meeting. This is labeled “Presentation” on computers and “Screen Sharing” on mobile and tablet.

After joining the call, the Present Now button is highlighted at the bottom and you can share by clicking it. You can present even while someone else is presenting and theirs will be paused.


Third-party integration


There are a lot of third-party integrations introduced on Zoom. To schedule and start meetings, the platform integrates with Salesforce, Skype, Workplace, IBM, Outlook, Google Calendar, Google Chrome, HipChat, and more.

For content sharing, Zoom integrates with One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Panopto, and more. Zoom also integrates with Google, Facebook, Centrify, RSA, and more. for unified login. Featured marketing integrations include Marketo, Zapier, Pardot, and Eloqua.

You can access even more Zoom integrations from the Zoom App Marketplace. In total, there are more than 1,000 applications in the Zoom application market.


Google Meet

Google Meet integrates with third-party video conferencing platforms, including Sony, Skype, Cisco, Polycom, and Lifesize. You can use these platforms to launch, schedule, and join meetings on Google Meet.

Basically, these are the platforms that integrate the Google Meet feature. However, as a Google platform, many third-party platforms are optimized to work with Google Meet, like other Goog products and services.


Zoom and Google Meet – Pricing


Zoom has five pricing plans. The plans are distinguished mainly by the number of participants per call. These include:

  • Basic plan – Free
  • Pro plan – 370,000 VND per month
  • Business package – about 470,000 VND per month
  • Zoom United Business Plan – about 800,000 VND per month
  • Zoom Business Package – about 500,000 VND per month

Google Meet

There are three account plans introduced on Google Meet, including

  • Basic plan – Free
  • Google Workspace Essentials Plan – $8 per month
  • Google Workspace Enterprise Plan – Custom Pricing


The features of Zoom and Google Meet are basically the same. Zoom has a slight edge over Google Meet, offering a wide range of options at a variety of prices. Zoom’s most expensive plan offers support for the largest number of participants. But in terms of the overall functionality of the two platforms, there’s not much of a big difference between them.



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