Useful Tips to go Cat Linh – Ha Dong metro

As soon as the Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro line came into operation, it quickly became a popular destination in the capital of Vietnam. If you are confused about how much the train ticket is, how to buy a ticket or which stop stations it passes through, let’s pocket the secrets in this article straight away!

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How much is the Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro line ticket?

The train’s fare on Cat Linh- Ha Dong metro line will be calculated based on the travel you travel. If you move from the first station to the end of the train, the cost maximum is 15,000 VND, while it costs 8,000 VND/turn with the shortest range. 

Furthermore, if you travel frequently throughout the day, you can purchase a day pass for 30,000 VND/person/day. Notably, this kind of ticket doesn’t limit your traveling turns on the train.

Monthly pass for  a person is 200,000 VND, and 100,000 VND for students and workers in industrial parks.

Where to buy the Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro line ticket?

Where to buy the Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro line ticket? – image:

There is passenger guidance staff at the stations. As a result, if you haven’t found a ticket purchase location yet, don’t hurry to give up your intention of experiencing this train. There are two ways to buy tickets at each station: buying directly at the ticket selling point or automatically from the ticket machines.

A small reminder that the system of selling trains on Cat Linh Ha Dong currently has not dealt with the payment by a bank card so you should prepare cash before buying tickets.

How to swipe tickets when get on or off a train

To board the ship, you must first pass through the ticket control area (right next to the ticket selling counter). Then, putting the card on the automatic ticket gate surface allows you to move to the train station.

You must also use a card when you get off a train by doing the same to go through  the ticket gate.  Therefore, as you can see if you don’t keep the ticket during your trip on the train, you will not be allowed to leave the station. 

Hinh anh

Which stop stations Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro line pass through?


Cat Linh Ha Dong is a 13-kilometer-long route that begins at Cat Linh station and ends at Yen Nghia station.

It will stop at 12 stations along the way. Each train can transport up to 960 passengers, with 240 passengers per board. Each trip lasts approximately 6 minutes, with a stop time of 25s to 35s at the station. Here are the stations that Cat Linh-Ha Dong stops at on the journey:

Cat Linh Station (Starting point) ⇒ La Thanh Station ⇒ Thai Ha Station ⇒ Lang station ⇒ Thuong Dinh station ⇒ Ring road 3 station ⇒ Phung Khoang station ⇒ Van Quan station ⇒ Ha Dong station => La Khe station ⇒ Van Khe station ⇒ Yen Nghia station (ending point).

Notes when going on Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro line

  • To avoid overwhelming trains at peak hours, you should go into a time frame from 10am-2pm.
  • Stations in (La Khe, Van Khe, Thai Ha …) will be less passengers than Cat Linh and Yen Nghia Stations
  • If you ride a motorcycle and need to find a parking area, don’t believe in the people in the middle of the road because you could lose a lot of money! Let’s go deep into the station, there is a place for you to park!
  • You should wear a mask, keep distance and follow 5k message during the trip
  • If you see yellow seats, do not hurry to sit because they are for children, old or pregnant people.

Above are the entire tips of going Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro line for you to pocket. This is an extremely interesting experience that you should not miss when living in Vietnam. Wish you a happy time in our country!

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