There are many foreigners who immediately choose Vietnam to live and work for a long time after coming here. Because the country contains many interesting things that no other place in the world has, such as: low-cost living, imposing nature, many unique dishes with affordable prices, full of media and social media,…However, there is a reason that makes the lives of foreigners in Vietnam become “easier”, it is because Vietnamese people are extremely hospitable, warm and friendly. The following article not only helps you understand deeply the Vietnamese people but also provides tips to easily integrate with a new life in this country!

Supporting and helping from the bottom of the heart

When Vietnam entered top 10 most friendly countries in the world, the article on Hubpages addressed that: the most special thing is the smile of the people in here, they smile to everyone in anywhere, which is the special impression that truly marks in foreigner’s mind when they come to Vietnam. While in the US, your safety is guaranteed by complicated, expensive and time-consuming security checks, but in Vietnam, you can feel secure with the hospitality of the people. You can ask for direction from anyone you meet, they still enthusiastically help you by body language though they don’t know English.

Vietnamese people are extremely hospitable, warm and friendly

If you have moved to Vietnam for a short time, you will definitely need a Vietnamese friend to share your difficulties, challenges in this life. They are willing to make friends to help you longer, go to a cafe and eat sometimes like two real friends. You will get used to the rhythm of living in a foreign country and no longer to be like a fish out of water or feel lost. Vietnamese people have a community culture and are proud to be able to help each other – Once you become a part of it, you will never want to leave.

High progressive spirit

Perhaps this trait is also partly derived from a hard-working personality. In work, they always make an effort to be promoted to higher positions. In learning, they always want to try and work hard to achieve the best results. Whatever the circumstances, Vietnamese people still try to do and do not give up until the end. If you are a teacher teaching in Vietnam, this trait of the student will help your teaching work with less pressure and better results.

Vietnamese people always respect older people and teachers.

Always respect older people and teachers

There are about 20 nouns used in Vietnamese to describe the respect and value of family members or the older ones. That is not limited to family relationships – Vietnamese respect older people and those who convey knowledge – teachers. Families are always close, students respect their teachers, and relationships often last long as a result.

How can a foreign teacher feel this? Let’s take a teacher’s day as an example. In the US, you may receive some postcards from children whose parents still remember you. In Vietnam, you will feel lucky to see your desk full of flowers and cakes, greetings and best wishes from students and colleagues, even held fun-filled parties to celebrate the holiday.

Love Peace

One of the positive traits that must mention of the Vietnamese people is the love of tranquility, hated complexity. It seems that in a classroom, maintaining a happy atmosphere is more evident than competing with each other in a fierce and stressful manner. Negotiating and assigning assignments to students seems to be very easy cause each member of the class has a different position and role, no one competes for whose job. Not only foreign teachers but also Vietnamese teachers can feel the systematization of the classroom, so it’s not difficult to control students.

Through the above article, we can see that the nature of Vietnamese people is always towards beauty and goodness. A good working environment with good conditions but negative colleagues will easily reduce the teaching spirit of teachers. Therefore, choosing Vietnam as a place for you to become a good teacher is the right decision. Do not hesitate anymore and apply your application at: – a website provides thousands of English teaching jobs at the most prestigious centers and schools in Vietnam.



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