Top 5 Most-popular local markets in Vietnam

One of the best ways to explore the traditional culture of a new country or area is by visiting markets around it. That’s the reason why we make this article on the top 5 most-popular local markets in Vietnam: to help you discover Vietnamese culture in such a fun way. If you love our article, don’t forget to leave 5 stars!

Top 5 Most-popular Local Markets in Vietnam

Top 5 Most-popular local markets in Vietnam

Ben Thanh Market

When it comes to the most famous markets in Vietnam, you should not miss Ben Thanh Market. It can be said that it is one of the most famous to people in HCM city in particular and Vietnamese people in general.

The market was built and completed in 1914, and it is now more than 100 years old. It is not only the largest trading center in the South but it is also considered a historical witness throughout different eras of Vietnam.

Ben Thanh market attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to shop and visit annually as it is one of Saigon’s oldest commercial centers with preserved traditional values.

Do not be afraid of the language barrier here since you can buy whatever goods you want through a variety of languages.

Nga Bay Floating market

The West of Vietnam is known for its interesting floating markets due to its dense network of rivers, and Nga Bay floating market is in the Mekong Delta’s oldest and most famous trading place.

It tends to be the most crowded in the early morning. You can be surprised when seeing a colorful scene due to the combination of the color of the water on the river, fruits, vegetables to food shops at sunrise or sunset time.

Each boat usually only sells a certain type of product, which are usually displayed on the hanging trees.

If you have a chance to visit, you should try floating on the river to enjoy early morning coffee, try a delicious bowl of fish noodles, while listening to the melodious chants sung by some local girls. This market will certainly provide visitors with a variety of interesting experiences.

Da Lat Market

Da Lat market is known as a market with unique and spacious architecture. This is also a symbol of the Central Highlands that many domestic and foreign tourists cannot miss when visiting Da Lat.

Being the city’s largest trading center, it is open almost 24 hours a day. When visiting DaLat Market, don’t forget to pick up some specialties as gifts, such as coffee, strawberry jam, artichoke tea,… which are sold everywhere in the area.

Dong Xuan market

Dong Xuan Market is not only Hanoi’s largest and oldest market but also known as one of the most well-known in Vietnam. It is not only historically significant but also the most-common tourist destination in Hanoi.

With a location right in the center of the old town, this market focuses on selling a wide range of items such as fabrics, household goods, clothing, and so on.

Not only that, most tourists are aware that Dong Xuan market is a well-known snack market in Ha Thanh (Hanoi). When you come here, you can fully enjoy the North’s traditional culinary dishes such as vermicelli, rib porridge, vermicelli with bamboo shoots, etc.

Hoi An Market

Hoi An market might not be strange to many foreign tourists who have ever traveled to Vietnam.

Situated in the old town, which has been designated by UNESCO as a World Cultural Monument, it attracts an increasing number of tourists annually. Although it is not as large as other markets in Vietnam, there are a variety of goods or services that visitors need.

Not only famous for being a diverse and rich culinary paradise but Hoi An market is also known as a beautiful check-in spot for many tourists.

In addition, it also has the typical architectural features of the old town with a rustic and idyllic appearance. Don’t forget to bring your camera along to capture some sweet moments with your loved ones here.

Why should you explore local markets in Vietnam?

Why should you explore local markets in Vietnam

Low prices

One of the most ideal places to get a good bargain when purchasing goods in Vietnam is in the local markets. As long as you have equipped yourself with some shopping tips, bargaining will be easy all the way.

Here is an article on how to do so: Click here to know more!

Delicious food

Aside from the price, the wide range of street food is also a highlight at these places. You can always find something good to eat here, from light snacks to big meals!

Apart from that, there are all types of cooking ingredients displayed in every corner for you to choose from if you prefer to prepare your own meal.

In Conclusion

Above are the top 5 most-popular local markets in Vietnam you can refer to as a tourist or buying consumer goods destination with an affordable price. If you have ever experienced them, share your feelings below so that we can discuss more!


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