Top 5 best nature attractions in Danang

Perhaps this is not the perfect time for a traveling article, but a recommended list of wild places where you can go alone or with a friend wouldn’t hurt anyone! VTJ Team has collected reviews from expats all around the world when coming to the Central of Vietnam and has listed out the 5 most fascinating nature attractions in Danang. Check out the list to see if you might have heard or visited these places once in your life!

1. Marble Mountains

marble mountains in Danang

Marble Mountains in Danang

Ngu Hanh Son is located about 8 km southeast of Da Nang center, on a vast sandy beach near the coast, in Hoa Khue village, Son Thuy hamlet, Ngu Hanh Son district. Five mountains reaching out like five fingers are named after the five elements: Kim Son, Moc Son, Tho Son, Thuy Son, and Hoa Son (including Duong Hoa Son and Am Hoa Son).

Here, cultural and historical imprints are still imprinted on pagodas and towers in the early 19th century, on each Cham sculpture of the 14th and 15th centuries. Cultural and historical relics such as the grave of a mother General Tran Quang Dieu, the temple of Princess Ngoc Lan (the younger sister of King Minh Mang), to historical sites of revolutionary struggle such as the tunnels of Da Chong mountain, Ba Tho Cave, Kim Son mountain, Am Phu cave, etc. All of these historical masterpieces belong to the legendary Marble Mountains, which is proudly known as the land of the heroic epic.

marble mountains in Danang 2

Marble Mountains in Danang

2. Son Tra Peninsula- one of the most famous nature attractions in Danang

The next free Da Nang tourist destination that you cannot ignore is the Son Tra peninsula. When visiting Son Tra peninsula, you will be able to visit attractive places such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Ban Co Peak (Chessboard Peak), the thousand-year-old banyan tree, Vong Canh House, the Da Den beach (Black stone beach), or the Tien Sa port… If you want to go to the top of Son Tra peninsula, you should take a car, not a scooter since the road to the top is relatively steep. In addition, if you do not have much time to explore the whole Son Tra peninsula, you just need to visit Linh Ung Pagoda.

Ban Co Peak in Da Nang

Ban Co Peak in Da Nang

Ban Co Peak: This is considered a prominent attraction in the Son Tra peninsula of Da Nang, the roof of this coastal city. Coming to the roof, you can immerse yourself in nature and watch the statues of De Thich- the most famous chess player of his time, playing chess calmly, at the height of 700m above sea level. 

Vong Canh House: Vong Canh House is living up to its name: it was built to provide you a seat and enjoy the spectacular views from above; “Vong” means “watch” while“Canh” means scenery.

Linh Ung Pagoda: This is a temple with a unique architecture that combines spirituality and modernity, with the highest statue of Quan Am Buddha in Vietnam. Standing here, you will have the chance to admire the mightiness of the entire Son Tra peninsula area.

Dong Dinh Museum: Dong Dinh Museum is an architectural block with profound cultural and artistic significance.

3. Sky well (Gieng Troi)- one of the most breath-taking nature attractions in Danang

Located in Ba Na Nui Chua Nature Reserve, Gieng Troi is a beautiful and unique backpacking destination in Da Nang. However, this place is also known as a very thorny and dangerous place to visit. Gieng Troi is located deep in the mountain and it is advisable that you find a guide to help you go through the forest. Also one needs to remember to bring along enough food, water, clothes, insect spray and tents in case you have to stay overnight in the forest.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose a suitable time to start your trip. However, our advice is to hit the road early in the morning, since the atmosphere is nice and clear, and the sun hasn’t shined so brightly yet.

Gieng troi in Da Nang

Gieng troi in Da Nang

You should first gather the team in one place, then altogether drive to Ba Na (Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang). If you want to walk to Gieng Troi, you can park your car in Ba Na’s garage, then start hiking from here. If you prefer to drive, you will have to eventually leave it behind and start to walk when encountering a large stream. Make sure you lock your car safely before going further.

The remaining road to Gieng Troi is more than 15 km long and is a bumpy mountain road. The path is mainly a trail created by hikers, with many vertical slopes. The ground is covered with a thick layer of moldy forest leaves, green moss clinging to the rocks, making the road to the Sky well quite difficult to handle. There is even a road entirely covered with trees, so you have to find a path on your own carefully since there is a high chance of getting lost.

Although the road is difficult, those who set foot in Gieng Troi feel that their efforts to conquer that steep mountain road are worth it. This place will welcome you with its untouched and primitive beauty, with a complete absence of noise and bustle from miles around.

A view from one side of Gieng troi in Da Nang

A view from one side of Gieng troi in Da Nang

There is a blue lake located in the middle of the mountain with a large waterfall pouring down from above all year round, splashing its white foam all over the place. You are also expected to spot quite a few ancient trees that actually value up to several hundred million around the lake. These trees often have large stems, long roots and large crawling on the ground. If you consider yourself a dendrophile, you will surely be mesmerized by what this wild jungle can offer.

4. Hoa Trung Lake

Hoa Trung Lake is a tourist destination in Da Nang with charming scenery, suitable for camping. It is known that Hoa Trung lake is an artificial lake, not a natural one, and its function is to provide water for irrigation of local people’s fields. Hoa Trung Lake is a suitable tourist destination for camping and photography activities, BBQ parties, however, it’s not quite suitable for families with young children.

Hoa Trung Lake during the day

Hoa Trung Lake during the day

October – dry season is the right time for you to make a trip here. A special attraction at this address is the lake surrounded by artificial floating islands, with green, flat grasslands, arranged in undulating slopes, very suitable for picnic activities, or overnight camping by the lake. On dry days, the lakeside area becomes a vast and airy steppe.

On days when the wind blows lightly, the lake water ripples and sparkles in the sunlight. However, Hoa Trung Lake is named in the list of our top nature attractions in Danang not only because of the green grasslands but also thanks to the serene image of cows and buffaloes leisurely enjoying their grass every morning and afternoon.

5. Cu Lao Cham Island

There are 3 ways to travel to Cu Lao Cham from Da Nang for you to choose: motorbikes/self-driving cars, passenger cars, and taxis. Depending on economic conditions and your large or small tour group, you can choose the most appropriate means of transport.

–> Going from Da Nang to Cu Lao Cham by motorbike/self-driving car: If starting from Da Nang coastal road (Vo Nguyen Giap), people just need to go straight this road in the opposite direction to the Peninsula Son Tra, about 30km will see Cua Dai port, you park your car at Cua Dai port and then buy a ticket to board the train to visit Cu Lao Cham.

Cu Lao Cham Island

Cu Lao Cham Island

There are 3 types of ships going to Cu Lao Cham island that depart daily:

– High-speed canoe: travel time is only 20 minutes, departs from 8:00 am – 9:30 pm daily, the ticket price is 450k/person/round trip (returning on the same day), including ticket price to visit Cu Lao Cham.

 – Wooden train: 80k/person/trip, departing at 8 am every day

 – Canoe boat: 100k/person/trip, departing at 8:30am

Ticket price to visit Cu Lao Cham: 90k/person, including 70k entrance ticket and 20k cleaning fee

Ticket price to visit Cu Lao Cham: 90k/person, including 70k entrance ticket and 20k cleaning fee

When setting foot on the beautiful island of Cu Lao Cham, people will surely be impressed with the natural scenery here because the water here is so clear that you can see the bottom. In Cu Lao Cham island people can participate in activities such as swimming, scuba diving to see corals, going kayaking, volleyball, visiting the Cu Lao Cham museum, etc

Have you picked out your 3 most favorite nature attractions in Danang? Which one would you like to explore on your next trip? Let us know below!



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To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.