Things that make Vietnam the most ideal country on earth

It would not be far-reaching to state that most people find it hard to integrate and work in other countries. Especially in the teaching profession, as teachers are considered one of the foremost influencers and mentors to any individual. But Vietnam makes it easier and worthwhile for foreigners. There are a couple of reasons why foreigners would find this country worthy enough for work and some of them are highlighted below

Things that make Vietnam the most ideal country on earth

Things that make Vietnam the most ideal country on earth

1. The people of Vietnam

Wherever you go within the region, you will be welcomed with bright smiles and friendliness of the locals around you. Any times, they are willing to help you with directions and advice on transportation, as well as short-term shelter when needed. Regardless of which country you come from, what language you speak, Vietnamese people always treat you with both hospitality and sincerity.

In particular, if you want to integrate fastest into the culture here, connect with young people in the area where you stay. They are the most enthusiastic tour guides you could ever ask for, who will take you on a journey of discovering the local cuisine, lifestyle, culture as well as the natural sights of Vietnam, completely free of charge.

2. Reasonable costs of living

One thing that I can be certain with you is that the cost for a foreigner to live in Vietnam is extremely affordable. With only 1000 USD of income, you can easily live in a beautiful and fully equipped apartment in Da Nang and still be able to pay for your living expenses and savings. In two big cities like Saigon and Hanoi, the ideal salary is about 1500 USD for a single person to be able to live comfortably without any financial stress.

Reasonable costs of living

Reasonable costs of living

Also, if you are an English speaker and have stable jobs in smaller provinces in Vietnam, life is even easier because the standard of living in these places is lower, however the salary for foreigners (particularly native English teachers) are higher than average. So, the first thing to do when planning to move to Vietnam is to find a job that pays well.

3. Numerous jobs for expatriate workers 

As Vietnam is an education-centered country, especially in the phase of globalization, learning English has become the most-hunted job within the country. That makes the process of recruiting English teachers, especially native teachers, extremely important and always a top priority. Many schools and centers are willing to pay a really high rate for a qualified native teacher in order to invest in Vietnamese children’s language ability. Thus, the teaching job opportunities for expatriate teachers always vary and even tend to rise in times to come. 

Most schools and English centers provide full visa and work permit sponsorship, as well as other insurance and flight ticket coverage (if any) to facilitate your working in Vietnam. Therefore, it’s such a great chance for you to experience a different life in another country if you are down to taking a teaching position here. Overall, Vietnam provides a safe and ideal environment for the career advancement of qualified teachers.

4. Spectacular sceneries

Spectacular sceneries

Spectacular sceneries

What’s more to say? Vietnam is THE destination for your vacation trip, which is a proven fact. But living in Vietnam is even better, as you can have access to the beautiful landscapes in just from a few minutes to a few hours of driving depending on your location. The exposure to the natural environment is limitless, especially when you stay in famous cities such as Danang, Quang Binh, or Halong.

5. That Covid-19 epidemic is always kept under control

This must be the biggest reason why Vietnam has its place at the top of ‘’safest country ‘’ list. Despite the rising number of infected and death cases in many country all over the world, the Covid situation here is momently tracked and well- managed. When the news are updated daily, actions from the government are also taken immediately when there is an unknown infectious case among the society. As a result, Vietnam’s economy is less affected by the Covid epidemic than any other countries, and is highly valued for its effective healthcare system in general and the nation’s epidemic prevention in particular.

6. The peaceful living pace of Vietnam

The peaceful pace of living

The peaceful pace of living

It is always hectic in such populated cities like Hanoi and Saigon, however when it comes to smaller provinces and cities, life is less fast-paced. You can find yourself chilling on a sandy beach on a mildly sunny day in Danang city unworried. It’s just you, the sea and the whole fresh breath of nature around you. If you are in search of a relaxed and sentimental style of living, Vietnam is simply the destination tailored for you.


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To have lucks is a type of talent. Not knowing how to seize the opportunities is also a form of incompetence.

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To have lucks is a type of talent. Not knowing how to seize the opportunities is also a form of incompetence.
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