Since 2012, VTJ has the main focus of being the first choice process for teachers looking to find work, encompassing candidates’ desires to marry them up with the most suited role for the individual.

VTJ is not a Human Resource Provider, VTJ is a Technology Company, which provides Employers and Teachers database that enables headhunters to recommend potential candidates for enterprises in need.

To support recruit teachers quickly with the best quality, we build a partners’ channel including a network of headhunters in the same industries to introduce appropriate candidates as quickly as possible.

Note: Referral programmer is a supplementary/ assistant program to enhance recruitment efficiency and is not related to Post Jobs service (Post Job service enables candidate to apply directly to employers/recruiters)


These are just some of employers we’re proud to work with:



  1. Send us your hiring requests and salary ranges. In addition, provide us the reward that you are willing to pay for Headhunts when they introduce candidates to you
  2. We will notify your hiring request to our headhunter network.
  3. Our headhunter users will start sourcing/hunting, then submit their best candidate.
  4. We will screen then transfers the good fit to you for interview arrangement.
  5. Pay us service fees when the candidate goes to work.


The placement fee at normal is calculated by 1/2 (a half) month of the gross salary of the candidate.

What are your benefits?

  • Recruitment consulting.
  • Arranging interviews.
  • Salary negotiations.
  • Warranty 60 days


Client is responsible for informing VTJ immediately when:

  • Customers want to (continue) posting jobs; or
  • In case the Candidate accepts the job offer from customers;
  • When the Candidate starts working for customers.

Acceptance – That Client confirms an interview with candidates recommended by VTJ partners is considered as Client accepted the terms of VTJ. Client is responsible, but not limited to, for payment of referral reward and management fees specified in this contract.

Confirmation – Client is responsible for notifying VTJ of the duplication within 24 hours of receiving information about the candidate introduced through VTJ. If client fails to notify VTJ within the time frame and the applicant is later offered to work in the company of Client within 6 months since VTJ introduces the candidate, Client will be responsible for full payment of service fees.

Recruitment without notice – If Client directly contacts or interviews the candidate introduced through VTJ but does not inform VTJ within 24 hours, it is understood that Client agrees with the terms of this contract. VTJ has the right to apply service fees and a fine of 3 times of the service fees in case the applicant is approved by the Client, or his subsidiary or an affiliated company, that the candidate satisfies working conditions and requirements, and is offered a letter of recommendation. This clause is applicable within 12 months counting from the date of VTJ introducing the applicant to customers.


If the candidate leaves within the warranty period, VTJ will refund in cash following these conditions: LEAVES WITHIN REFUND (*)

01 – 15 working days: 100%

16 – 30 working days: 75%

31 – 60 working days: 50%

(*) Refunds do not include job posting maintenance fees (if collected)



Client is responsible for protecting the information of the candidates when introduced through VTJ, and are not allowed to disclose candidate information without the consent of the candidate.




  • Client successfully hires the candidate, VTJ will issue an invoice, on the first day the candidate works for Client.
  • In addition to the service fee specified in each “Service Order Confirmation”, 10% Value Added Tax (VAT) will be charged on the agreed fee.


  • Payment Term – The billing period is 7 working days from the date of issue of the invoice. Payment via bank (if any) will be borne by Client. If Client does not pay all payments before the due date, VTJ will apply a 0.03% interest charge per day for late payment. The delinquent period is calculated from the payment due date to the time of payment.


Disclaimer – VTJ is committed to recommending the most suitable candidate for the Client. VTJ is not responsible for any negligence, dishonesty, misconduct or lack of skills of any candidate. Pre-selection is the obligation of Client, and Client is fully responsible for the final selection.

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