Inspiring Stories In Vietnam During The Covid 19 Pandemic

Since the epidemic started to take its toll on Vietnam, our sense of community has been stronger than ever. We are still trying to fight the epidemic together as well as love, share, and mutually embrace according to the life motto we set in this context: “There is no one left behind.”.
It is the spirit that creates opportunities for many inspiring stories in Vietnam to take place during the pandemic. Wait no more, let’s scroll down to read them immediately!

How Have Inspiring Stories in Vietnam Happened?

Free-of-charge Car Trips

When Vietnam applied directive 16 to some provinces, the image of “zero-dong” car trips started to be seen everywhere. They offer many essential items for free to those who are in need, assisting them in overcoming the pandemic. These car trips went to each household to deliver food; if anyone needed something, they could easily reach for them, whereas, if they had enough supplies, they could pass it on to others.
Although each gift doesn’t cost a fortune, the most important thing is our compassion for those who are suffering Covid-19 hit as the common saying in Vietnam: “The good leaf covers the torn leaf”.

It can be said this concern of the community and local authorities is a great source of encouragement for vulnerable people to overcome difficulties as soon as possible.

Bringing Citizens Home On Special Flights

Speaking of inspiring stories in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, we can not mention these “special flights”. Over the past many months, starting from early 2020, Vietnam has had to fight against the epidemic in the country and simultaneously listened to the thoughts of Vietnamese people living abroad.

The competent authorities have carried out synchronously, proactively, actively, and comprehensively the work of protecting citizens with the determination to “there is no one left behind”, especially in the context of the epidemic breaking out globally.

The repatriation flight from Wuhan to Vietnam might be the early story on the journey of bringing citizens home, which received great attention from the public not only in Vietnam but also in the world.

Aware of the risks of the mission, Vietnam Airlines called for volunteers to assist in bringing 40 Vietnamese back from the epicenter of the pandemic immediately.

More than 100 flight crew members volunteered to travel to Wuhan and enter quarantine upon returning to Vietnam. Besides doctors and military, Vietnamese people honored these brave crews as heroes in the fight against the epidemic.

No One Is Left Behind

As the life motto of “there is no one left behind” aforementioned, the Vietnamese government is trying to make every effort to assist and protect the ex-pat community in Viet Nam amid the COVID-19 outbreak no matter who you are.

Detailly, as the vaccination campaign spreads across the country, the government and local authorities tried to give all foreigners equal access to vaccines as locals despite limited resources.

In addition, we have interpreters or hotlines in foreign languages (English, Chinese,..) to support ex-pats to solve difficulties in the stringent regulations. Moreover, some documents are also translated into English, Japanese,… so foreigners can easily be informed about the directives or regulations during the chaos.

We hope that international friends can see the spirit of hospitality and care of the Vietnamese authorities amid the Covid 19 pandemic as well as in many difficult situations. If you need help, Vietnam is always there for you!

Quarantine camps

One of the dramatic stories around Vietnam is quarantine camps. During the pandemic, thousands of returning Vietnamese and expats have to go through a quarantine period.

Vietnam’s soldiers have been the major force for taking the responsibility of serving people at this time. They ran day-to-day operations and established makeshift camps to make rooms for guests in military barracks. They have had a huge amount of workload, from cleaning and delivering food to babysitting.

One of the guests, Mr. Gavin Wheeldon – a British citizen wrote an essay titled “Life Inside a Vietnamese Government Quarantine” to share detailedly how comfortable his daily life in this camp was.

Through it, he wanted to express gratitude for the support team’s enormous effort. They were so friendly and caring, especially when trying to work “tirelessly” to bring the best service for those in the quarantine period.

Therefore, Vietnamese people call the military by an extremely heartfelt name the heroes without capes, as they will forever be the bravest heroes from the bottom of Vietnamese people’s hearts.

Covid 19 Vaccine Fund-raising

When the strong fourth wave of the Covid 19 pandemic has outbroke in Vietnam with over 10.000 cases/day, making many residents more worried about their lives, especially those living in the pandemic’s epicenter-Ho Chi Minh city.

However, when the covid 19 vaccine fund is opened, people from children, the elderly to the businesses, want to contribute to the vaccine fund with the hope that Vietnam can achieve herd immunity one day.

People’s lives will return to a “new normal” state. Children will be able to return to school and play without worrying about catching the disease.

Additionally, many Vietnamese organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, students, and Vietnamese people abroad, especially in Australia, helped their homes by donating to the fun and participating in various activities to support the pandemic fight in Vietnam and asked for Australia to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to Vietnam.

Perhaps, one of the most successful achievements in this fight against Covid 19 is these inspiring stories in Vietnam, aiming at sharing support, love so that no one is left behind. This is considered a huge encouragement for citizens to overcome difficulties and a valuable lesson for future generations.



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To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.

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To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.