Error when withdrawing money at ATM in Vietnam: what to do

What to do when the ATM does not release money even though the account has been deducted? This is one of the most common problems foreigners or even Vietnamese face when withdrawing money at ATM in Vietnam. The following article will tell you what to do:

Common problems when withdrawing money at ATM in Vietnam

A bank card is a tool that helps customers carry money around in a relatively safe and convenient way. However, sometimes they will also bring inconvenience to users because of problems with ATMs or cards.

Among those problems, there are 2 common problems that are:

  1. Although the account has reduced enough balance to withdraw, the ATM does not release money or does release an unsufficient amount of money.
  2. Even though the ATM has received enough deposits, the account balance does not increase, or the increased balance is not enough for the deposit amount.

With the above problems, the banks said, in case the ATM does not release money or does not release enough money even though the account still reports a decrease in the correct balance to withdraw, customers should first determine that their ATM is withdrawing as follows: of the card- issuing bank or other banks in the system.

How to deal with these common problems:

If the ATM is different from the system

The first thing customers should do is call the hotline of the bank managing the ATM to report the above case. In case the ATM is located in front of the transaction office, customers can complain directly at the transaction office.

After that, customers should call their bank switchboard to receive help from the bank, or can contact directly at the nearest transaction offices and branches for direct instructions on the refund procedure.

If the ATM is in the same system

You can directly contact your bank switchboard and follow the same steps. For the problem when even though you have deposited enough money into the ATM, your account still doesn’t report an increase in balance, or the increased balance is not as exact as the amount deposited, also follow the above process to report your situation.

The customer’s request will be received by the banks, after extracting the camera and processing, within 5-15 working days, if the above incident occurs, the bank will start the refunding process.

For cases at foreign ATMs

You should contact the card issuer via the hotline, ask the bank to verify through the ATM managing bank that the customer is transacting. After that, the customers will receive detailed instructions from the card issuing bank on receiving the refund, if there is a situation where the ATM does not release money or does not release enough money.

Situations such as depositing money but not receiving enough money, or not receiving money when transacting abroad will also be resolved as above. The processing time for overseas cases will be longer than domestic cases, whereby the processing time can be about 30-45 days, depending on the case and the bank.

Note when using ATM in Vietnam

In order to minimize the above problems arising during transactions at ATMs, customers should prioritize choosing ATMs in their banking system and prioritize using ATMs in front of transaction offices to be able to most quickly reflect on problems arising in the transaction process as recommended by the banks.


To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.

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To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.