For foreign teachers, finding decent English teaching jobs in Vietnam with a good salary that fits ability is not easy. After the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools and English centers have opened again and English teachers can now find a suitable job. To help teachers look for jobs easily, Vietnam Teaching Jobs will introduce you some tips:

1. Identifying the work area

Firstly, you need to identify the area that you want to work in. When considering the area, you should keep in mind the frequency of traffic jams, the fastest route, and the amount of traveling time from home to work. If you experience a traffic jam, you will be late for work. This can affect your break time and your health, which will cause a decrease in teaching quality.

On the other hand, there are schools and English centers that provide supports in housing and transportations for teachers. If you are ready to commute and try a new working environment, you should look for jobs that offer supports in a teacher’s daily life.

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English Teaching Jobs in Vietnam

Find your English jobs in Vietnam!

2. Asking for friends and families

Connections through friends are one of the fastest ways for you to look for a new English teaching jobs in Vietnam. Usually, job offers are discussed among the employees before being published publicly. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask your friends, families, and old colleagues. There is a possibility that one of your Vietnamese acquaintances works at a school or English center. If you want to look for references, interview schedules or recruitment, you can ask them to answer your curiosity.

3. Preparing an interesting resume

A captivating resume is one criterion you will be judged on for your professionalism. A catching CV with an appealing appearance and adequate content includes:

  • Having organized and specific compositions
  • Providing contact information
  • Demonstrating all education, abilities, skills and teaching strategies
  • Providing only experiences that related to teaching
  • Adding media to make the CV look vibrant
  • Avoiding wordiness or grammatical mistakes
  • Including all certificates and degrees
  • Showing your characteristics so that the employers will understand more about you

 4. Looking for jobs on recruitment app or website

In this modern-day, it is common for English teachers to search for jobs in Vietnam through a recruitment website. Teachers only need a few minutes to find suitable job offers. Recruitment websites update new job offers every day and they analyze multiple jobs with similar characteristics for teachers. Therefore, teachers can look for jobs easily and then apply for jobs online.

After finding a suitable job, you can apply for jobs online by applying your CV on the websites. Soon, you will receive an interview confirmation from the employer.

One of the most reliable and well-known pages for English teaching jobs in Vietnam is VTJ – Vietnam Teaching Jobs. Here at Vietnam Teaching Jobs, we have a strong team that supports and accompanies teachers in looking for jobs. We promise that we will provide teachers a great experience working with Vietnamese employers.

5. Using social media effectively 

Social media is indeed an essential part of both our daily life and working life. Social media not only helps you demonstrate your characteristics and experiences, but it also helps you look for jobs through different platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. You can join a community group for foreigners in Vietnam to look for English jobs, make new friends, and get more tips in living in Vietnam.

Join community group for foreign teachers in Vietnam at here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vietnamteachingjobs/


English Teaching Jobs in Vietnam

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If you need help and information in finding your stable ESL teaching job in Vietnam, please visit our website Vietnamteachingjobs.com or send information to email info@vietnamteachingjobs.com for all supports.

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