How to create an account and upload resume on Vietnam Teaching Jobs?

Welcome to – the most reliable online source for English teaching jobs in Vietnam. At here, jobs are provided for both native-speaking and Vietnamese teachers.

1. How to create an account on Vietnam Teaching Jobs?

  • Step 1: Before creating an account, please check these requirements for yourself:


  • Step 2: Fill in your correct information into these boxes:


  • Step 3: Remember to tick: “I’m not a robot”
    Then double-tap the “Register Account” box.

2. To apply and get the attention of the employers on Vietnam Teaching Jobs, you need to:

Please follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Choose “My Resume”


  • Step 2: Fill in all the important information for the job application.


  • Step 3: To complete your online resume, choose “Save”


By choosing “My Resume”, you can update your resume at any time. After updating, choose “Save” and you are done.

After creating your own account and resume, you can now view the job offers and apply your portfolio online as well.



First, read the job descriptions carefully to find yourself suitable offers. Then, apply your portfolio or CV by clicking the “Apply online” box and filling in all the important information. This process will allow employers to see your job application.


To track the application process, choose “My applications”. All the applications will be shown on the list, which will be easier for you to follow.



Or you can take a look at the tutorial video below:
I hope you can find your dream job on our website. Goodluck <3

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