Where can I rent a house in Saigon?

Just browsing the web, or get around some social networking sites about housing, people in need will easily find a house or an apartment for rent that caters to their needs.

Usually, foreigners before coming to Vietnam will refer to real estate websites to find houses, such as vnrenthome.com, livinghochiminh.com, saigonlease.com… or savills.com.vn, and cbrevietnam.com for reference. information about higher-end apartments.

Foreigners who rent houses in Ho Chi Minh City also use the services of hiring maids, cooks, gardening and sports services… This fee is usually around 150-250 USD/month for maid service. or gardening.

The cook fee is $250 or more and they require the chef to speak English. Childcare fees up to $400/month. Some villas also find to hire day and night security for their home with prices from 150 USD/shift/day.


Luxury apartments

Villas in this area are often equipped with minimal equipment for tenants to arrange themselves. Although not living in Vietnam forever, many people will buy small pieces of furniture to decorate in their own way.

In Thao Dien, District 2, a place where foreigners live, the residential area has enough facilities such as restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and cinemas. This area is also close to international schools, so it is convenient for people to bring their children on a business trip.

As noted, the villas in the Thao Dien area are usually more than 200m² wide and have from five bedrooms, the rent is about 5,000 USD/month (about 115 million VND).

Foreign guests who rent high-class houses not only focus on the Thao Dien area but also choose other districts for easy access to work in the city center or to neighboring industrial zones.

On the landlord side, in addition to buying to live in, they also target the investment trend to let foreign guests rent.

Some landlords said that foreign guests prefer to rent serviced apartments because of the available facilities and location near the city center for convenient transportation.

However, when renting a guest house, also consider the price. Rental prices often depend on the location of the house and whether the facilities in the house are new or not.

Actual records show that the price of houses for rent in the center of District 1 and District 3 is from 500 to 1500 USD.

For $500, expats usually only get a one-bedroom apartment. The $1,500 price tag is for homes with 4-5 bedrooms, parking, and security.

Thao Dien and An Phu areas also in District 2 have villas and villas with rental prices up to $7,000, while apartments have rental prices starting from $1,200. On average, guests who want to rent a house of 120m² or more have to spend more than $3,000/month.

Although this area is not located in the center, the price is quite high thanks to the infrastructure of the surrounding commercial complexes such as BP Compound in An Phu. Penthouses in this area cost around $5,400 a month.

Regular apartment for rent

Foreign guests who rent houses in industrial zones prefer to choose apartments for convenience. They often prefer fully furnished apartments, just bring personal belongings to stay.

Tenants will often spend from more than 10 million VND a month for rent. Grasping this demand, many people buy houses or apartments near the industrial park just to rent out, such as at Phu Dong Premier projects (Di An, Binh Duong) or Him Lam Phu Dong (Thu Duc district).

Most of the tenants are foreign experts from Korea, Japan, Malaysia and India… working in the industrial zone.

Some foreigners also choose to rent a house and then rent out the room to other people. The tenants are mainly single people who work as English teachers but want to enjoy facilities such as the swimming pool, or gym…

A sublease is common in apartments in Phu My Hung or Nguyen Thi Thap (District 7), District 4, Binh Thanh…

Room rent is about $270 including electricity, water, Wi-Fi, access to a shared living and cooking area.


To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.

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To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.