3 Unique Features of The Vietnamese Communication Culture

Each country has its own communication culture and all of them are very unique. Today, we will look into 6 features of the Vietnamese communication culture

1. Vietnamese people really like to communicate with others but also very timid

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Vietnamese people love for communication is expressed mainly in two characteristics:

– Vietnamese people are interested in visiting their friends. Friends, no matter how many times you meet each other, they still visit each other in their spare time. Visiting is no longer a need for work (as in the West) but an expression of affection, affection, which has an effect of strengthening their ties.

– Vietnamese people are very hospitable. If there are guests coming to the house, whether familiar or strange, close or unfortunate, the Vietnamese people, wherever they are poor, try to be attentive and hospitable, giving the guests the best facilities, the best food. This hospitality increased when we went to remote rural, remote areas.

However, Vietnamese are also considered to be very timid. In front of strangers, Vietnamese people will appear timid and even appear as unfriendly. These two contradictory personalities are not in conflict with each other. They are just two sides of the same nature, an expression of the flexible behavior of Vietnamese people.

2. Vietnamese people always want to learn more about the people they are talking to

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Age, hometown, educational level, social status, family status are issues that Vietnamese people often care about. This habit sometimes really annoy many foreigners because it usually results in some questions that foreigners considered to be very personal.

However, this habit in Vietnamese communication culture happens because Vietnamese people have a sense of responsibility to care for others, but to care, they must know the situation. Furthermore, Vietnamese people consider asking these issues to be a sign of caring and as a way to make the conversation more naturally and more enjoyable.

3. Vietnamese people like to be sensitive, thoughtful and respectful

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The subtlety makes Vietnamese people have a habit of never going straight to the topic like Westerners. The tradition of Vietnam when starting to communicate is to be filled with random questions, greetings, and small chat before actually going to the topic.

Being sensitive, thoughtful and respectful creates a habit of careful thinking before talking for Vietnamese people. On the other hand, it is also this deliberate consideration that makes the Vietnamese have the disadvantage of lack of assertiveness in communication.

Finally, the most important part of the Vietnamese communication culture is their smile. Smiles are an important part of Vietnamese communication habits. People can meet Vietnamese smiles even when they least expected it. This is considered to be a must-have component in every conversion of Vietnamese people


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