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Location Hà Nội
Date Posted 2021-11-26
Category Program Training in English
Job Type Full-time
Are you willing to accept and support qualified teachers outside Vietnam? (Due to COVID-19 pandemic) Yes
Nationality of candidate: American, Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand
Experience > 5 years
Candidate Requirements Master's Degree
Where is the employer located: Hà Nội
Salary: Highly Competitive, based on experience and qualifications


The Dewey Schools Vietnam exemplify the designing of schools where a positive attitude towards learning and friendship is ignited in each student. The fundamental mission of the school is to cultivate the student’s character development and to serve the community with commitment. We highly value inquiry, impact and innovation in education, along with the focused vision and mission in creating the global influences.

The Dewey Schools inspire students to explore themselves and the potential opportunities in the world around them. We create the learning experiences with and for the students, connecting the essential skills to the real-world opportunities and the future possibilities. We believe that our students, the little people, do have big ideas, and we hope to empower them to make a difference in our world, now.

Our Vision:

THE DEWEY SCHOOLS – The pioneering International Bilingual Schools, delivering world-class education, that parents look for, students love, and staff are proud of.

Our Mission:

Our purpose is to empower and enable generations with necessary knowledge and skills to master world changes and be leaders that positively impact communities wherever they are.

Our core-values:

INTEGRITY - Commit to what you say, promise and do with honesty and responsibility.

PASSION - Enthusiastically develop your areas of interest, inspiring and motivating everyone around.

GENEROSITY - Live with kindness and empathy while respecting diversity and positively contributing to family and society.

LIFELONG LEARNING - Demonstrate a love of learning and actively pursue knowledge that positively impacts your personal development and your community.

POSITION TITLE:  Deputy Director of English Program

REPORTS TO: Director of English Program


Job purposes:

- Support the Director of English Program to design, develop, and organize to comprehensively and consistently implement English programs in The Dewey Schools system in order to meet the objectives, mission, and vision, meet the needs of students, and encourage their participation and advancement of all students in the entire system.

- Ensure The Dewey Schools English programs are in line with high-quality international education standards, educational orientation aligned with the Council of International Schools (CIS) and meet the requirements for assessing student’s development progress in alignment with our partner school Mount Vernon (MV), The Dewey Schools Curriculum, and Ministry of Education and Training's (MoET’s) standards.


- Master’s degree from an internationally accredited college or university in the Education field of study.

- Current license or teaching or administrative certification from a governmental agency in one of the following: educational leadership, educational management, English language, or curriculum.

- Preferred 7 years teaching experience, minimum 5 years.

- Minimum of 1 years’ experience in educational leadership as an assistant director, teacher leader, coordinator, or instructional coach.

- Experience in developing English curriculum programs and training teachers.

- Evidence of current relevant professional development especially in Education.


• Visa/work permit sponsor, including spouse and up to 2 dependents

• Paid flight to Vietnam and share 50% of quarantine cost if any

• Paid personal leave days and public holidays

• Monthly KPIs bonus, Mid-term/Final term KPIs bonuses

• A month salary bonus for a completion of 10 working months

• Sponsored round trip air tickets for home visit during summer break

• Professional development opportunities

• Ongoing support for new teachers, bank assistance, phone set-up, etc.

• Tuition discount for up to 2 children

• School lunch

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