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Big Money Fast Cash Male NES ESL Teachers 3 Month Contract Saudi Arabia Free Airfare

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Location TP HCM
Date Posted 09/11/2016
Category General English
Job Type Full-time
Nationality of teacher: American, British/English, Canadian, New Zealand
Where is the school located: TP HCM
Salary: $2,400 - 2,665 USD per month


English/TESOL/Education/Applied Linguistics Degree Holders Only


Immediate Hire - November 20th Start Date - Deployment date from your current location is no later than November 14th


Al-Khafji, Saudi Arabia - 3 Month Contract (possibility of contract extension or relocation)

Please note: While this is a short-term contract, American Academy is always looking for teachers for short-term and longer term contracts throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This contract may be extended by the client and/or we will try to relocate you should you wish.

Immediate Start Teaching Post

Start Date: Approximately November 20th

Please note: Your First Day of Salary is the day you begin teaching classes on site, not date of arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Location: Al-Khafji, Saudi Arabia

School: Saudi Arabia's largest petroleum training institute.

Students: Saudi males aged 18-22

Average Class Size: 20 - 25 students

Average English Competency:  A1 - A2

Established Curriculum: Yes ... you just teach and deliver

Compensation Package Overview

Native English Speaker Educational Requirements and Remuneration Package

BA (English/TESOL/Education/Applied Linguistics) with PGCE and CELTA or TEFL preferred

Complete Salary Package (CSP) including monthly Cash Remuneration (CR) and Value of Benefits (VOB) for BA related degree holder is $3,600 USD per month.  $2,400 USD is Cash Remuneration (CR)and the rest is the calculated Value of Benefits (VOB) we include in your Complete Salary Package (CSP).

MA (English/TESOL/Education/Applied Linguistics) with PGCE and CELTA or TEFL preferred

Complete Salary Package (CSP) including monthly Cash Remuneration (CR) and Value of Benefits (VOB) for MA related degree holder is $3,865 USD per month.  $2,665 USD is Cash Remuneration (CR) and the rest is the calculated Value of Benefits (VOB) we include in your Complete Salary Package (CSP).

Benefits as Part of Your Full Compensation Package

1)  Free Furnished 1 Bedroom Private Apartment with Western Style Bathroom, Kitchenette / Living Room

2) Visa & Agency Fees

3)  Medical Coverage in case of accident or injury

4)  Two-Way Deployment and Return to Point of Origin Airfares

5)  Shared Cars for Team

6)  Daily Transportation To/From School  (this may be shared cars or a bus)

Work Hours

Day Shift  07:00 - 15:00

OR but not both

Evening Shift  15:00 - 23:00

Please note: This is not a “Split Shift”. You work either the Day Shift or the Evening Shift, not both.

 Number of Contact Teaching Periods

 25 – 30 Academic Contact Periods per 5 day work week (Sunday – Thursday).

Please note: 30 contact periods is unusual and generally only happens when a colleague is sick or there is a temporary shortage of teachers.

Typical Salary Savings on AA Teaching Contracts

While every teacher will not save the same amount of money to take home with them when they complete their contract, typically we see most teachers saving about 80% of their monthly salary. How is this possible, American Academy is paying all your monthly bills for apartment, electricity, water, transportation, etc. You only need to buy food and drinks.

Career Advancement Opportunities

American Academy is providing longer-term opportunities within the company to take on higher level positions as we are currently experiencing significant growth in our organization.

The Saudi Arabia government recently announced its Vision 2030 program. This is a strategic national development plan whereby the economy is being diversified and many new areas are being invested. Saudi citizens are being funded for training to meet the demands of this program. A significant part of the Vision 2030 program is focusing on getting English as the primary language of business and the workplace to facilitate international business and investment from outside the country. So how does this relate to you in terms of opportunities.

At this time American Academy is starting to experience the effects of the Saudi government's Vision 2030 program. As an English language training service provider company, we are poised for significant growth at this time and over the next few years. Our head office is in need of several key departmental heads, we are looking within our team for people who can be project coordinators, lead teachers, curriculum developers, sales staff, etc. In short, if you are interested in a "career" opportunity, right now is the time to join the team. We will be promoting first and foremost from within our own team before we consider hiring outside the company, so those people who get in now have an outstanding opportunity for career advancement over the next two years and beyond. If you feel that you have the leadership skills to take on a portfolio in the company, I encourage not to pass on this immediate first step to join the team -- as the Business Development Manager for American Academy I want to tell you there is much more here than meets the eye and I want to make sure you are aware of this reality.

Planned Positions Opening in 2017-2018

Managing Director of Sales & Marketing

Managing Director of ESL Program Development

Managing Director of ESL/ESP Curriculum Development

Managing Director of Eastern Regional Division

Managing Director of Western Regional Division

Managing Director of Northern Regional Division

Managing Director of Southern Regional Division

Project Coordinators - Each Contracted Location

Lead Teachers - Each Contracted Location

How to Apply for an American Academy Teaching Posts

IMPORTANT - These teaching posts require you to be available to leave for Saudi Arabia immediately due to our client's scheduled start date for classes. Therefore, you must be available to deploy .. now!

Required Documents

Please send the following documents in JPG FORMAT

1) JPG scan of passport data page

2) JPG scan passport-style head and shoulder photo wearing a shirt & tie

3) JPG scan of all university degrees

4) JPG scan of all ESL certificates

Please send the following documents in pdf or doc/docx Format ... ONLY

5) Resume/CV including the following information.

- List of all ESL employment history with dates employed, job title, and name of institution.

- List all educational qualifications (university degrees COMPLETED ONLY, ESL Certificates, etc)

-  Contact details: Skype ID & Phone number with country code where we can call you. Include your current location and Time Zone.

6)  Reference letters from former employers and/or contact information

Send all documents to the following email addresses.




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