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Company Location To Hoang rd, Phuong Canh ward, Nam Tu Liem dist, Hanoi
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Your Campus: Hà Nội
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About Phenikaa Group

Phenikaa Group was founded in October 2010 and has since been involved in various areas of business and production. Through years of constant development, Phenikaa has earned its place as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of quartz engineered- stone. Accordingly, its VICOSTONE Quartz Surface brand has now become a global household name.

Phenikaa Group is also expanding its portfolio to other areas, including construction design, consultancy, trade services, technology, education, scientific research, and mineral processing. Phenikaa will continue to build on the existing foundation to pursue further growth, reaffirming its reputation as not only a forerunning Vietnamese enterprise but also a reputable international brand under the banner of:  “Our commitment. Your reality”.

K12 Education – Phenikaa School

In 2019, Phenikaa group proceeded with the construction of the Phenikaa School Campus on a 29,230m2 site located at the West Side of Hanoi. (Tu Hoang St, Phuong Canh Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi)

Phenikaa K-12 School is charged with the mission to become a Vietnamese school with international quality standards. To that end, our school furnished with modern facilities and an optimal learning environment which combines Vietnam’s state education programs with international American programs focusing on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The school philosophy emphasizes hands-on and practical learning which aims to solve real-world problems. Students are at the core of education, where they can learn from exploration, curiosity, and creative activities to develop a scientific mindset, critical thinking, collaborative working skills, and active learning.

Vision, Mission and Education Methodology

Vision statement

Phenikaa School is a happy institution consisting of numerous progressive curricula and a collaborative, creative, and compassionate learning environment, where both students and teachers achieve their dreams through constant hard work and knowledge enrichment.

Mission statement

To develop a generation of creative, excellent, happy Vietnamese students who can realize their dreams and become confident global citizens.

Core Values

Compassion – Creativity – Collaboration

Education method

  1. STEM Education Approach, Project-based and Inquiry-Based Learning
  2. Learning by Doing, Learning by Creating
  3. Teaching & Learning With Technology
  4. Student-Centered Approach
  5. Personalized Learning and Precision Learning
  6. Learning beyond the classroom, Learning from Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, Anything

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