APAX English

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APAX English launched in Vietnam in May 2015 and has been continuously expanding ever since. Our bold, innovative curriculum and high standards for class quality have raised the bar of English education in Vietnam. Our curriculum and program began in Korea, as April English, back in 2007. Our focus, then as it is now, is to develop communicative competence in primary and secondary school learners through intrinsic motivation and immersion. In other words, we surround or students with English culture and cultivate a desire in each student to learn English and to express themselves.

Our highly designed program combines cutting edge educational technology, from speech recognition programs to smart boards to e-learning systems, with an exciting focus on creative thinking and expression, from singing and dancing to writing scripts and recording videos with green screen technology. APAX English offers an experience for both students and teachers unlike any other.

Since its launch APAX English has expanded rapidly and there future looks only brighter. Our major focus in on the 'smaller' cities of Vietnam, where English education isn't yet developed. Here we offer new opportunities for students as well as teachers. Many of our teachers get the opportunity to explore cities such as Hai Phong, Ha Long or Da Nang. We hope that you will join us for this next adventure!

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