Work Visa Process

Here are all the legal issues for foreigners working in the position of English teacher in Vietnam.

1. Visa

Most of the first-time teachers in Vietnam or teachers who have not legally worked in any business will require a tourist visa. According to the law, foreigners working in Vietnam with tourist visas are against the law, so it is necessary to consider if the teacher working fulltime or orientation to work as a student visa must be converted from a tourist visa (tourist visa) to work visa (work visa).

Teachers working under tourist visas will be very risky if they violate the Vietnamese law, risk being deported, affecting their employment.

There are many types of visa: 1 month, 3 months, 1 year .. (after having a work permit)

Application for visa:

– Letter of introduction of the guarantor

– Official visa application form

– Introducing the signature and seal of the guarantor

All of the above documents must be sent to the sponsor to sign and seal before submitting to the Immigration Department. These papers should be completed seven days before for teachers to take initiative and handle in time.

2. GPL

2.1 After the teacher satisfies the conditions of the work permit, the dossier should be prepared as follows:

– Health Certification

– Confirm sojourn (temporary stay)

– Diploma (by DH, Certificate) consular legalization

– Judicial Records

– The official letter of approval of the People’s Committee on the employment of foreign workers

– Form A6 (by law)

– 2 photos 4 * 6

– Legal documents of the guarantor (notarized copy)

– Visa, Passport certified copy

– Legalized translation of the degree

2.2. Detail

2.2.1. Teacher documentation should be prepared

+ Health certificate

Teachers can self-go to work or teacher support staff to the hospital for examination (priority public hospitals), the doctor can refer to the doctor examination sk It’s easier and faster. The cost depends on each hospital (public or private).

Note: When traveling with a teacher, bring 2 4 * 6 cards and a copy (passport) for information.

+ Confirmation of temporary residence

Teachers may ask for help from the landlord where the teacher rents accommodation to obtain a temporary residence permit at the Ward police office. The cost of applying for this document depends on the relationship between the owner and the ward police or how the police work in each ward. The temporary residence certificate is the basis for the preparation of the Vietnamese judicial record.

Note: – It is difficult for teachers to get this document themselves, because of language difficulties or the police will “make money” for foreigners. It is best to have the teacher ask the landlord or teacher to give the landlord the right to handle it and close the process of applying for a temporary residence permit.

– Proof of temporary residence can be service

+ Legalization degree

Step 1: Apply at the Embassy

Meaning: Applying for a seal at the embassy is a way of verifying the authenticity of the Diploma and the certificate of the teacher, recognizing that the degree is legitimate in their country.

For teachers teaching English, there is a compulsory requirement: a university degree and a certificate. Teachers will directly bring the original university diploma and certificate to their country’s embassy / consulate in Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh) to apply for the certification (embassy based on the original for the endorsement).

Seal fees are available at each embassy, most are posted on the embassy’s website or posted at the embassy / consulate.

Some embassies / consulates may come to the embassy directly, but some embassies like the United States must book an appointment on the embassy’s website.

If the teacher can not go to work, the company can go to work directly, when carrying: ID card, appointment letter of the embassy, letter of recommendation of the company, teacher’s original diploma photo degree, teacher’s authorization letter (depending on the Embassy).

Step 2: Legalization at Consular Department

Meaning: All documents bearing foreign language to be used legally in Vietnam must be legalized.

After obtaining the seal at the embassy, the teacher will process the consular legalization at the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Prior to the procedure, teachers must fill out an online form on the Department’s website and print it out. Documents include: original diplomas bearing the seal of the embassy, original photocopy with the seal of the embassy, a copy of the passport (if any), passport.

Most teachers do not know how to do this, staff may have to go directly to this procedure.

+ Judicial history of Vietnam

Teachers can directly go through this procedure but it will be difficult and time consuming. Records include:

– Confirm sojourn

– Declaration (taken directly from the Department of Justice or downloaded from the Department’s website)

– Passport, visa

Time spent at least 3 weeks. This procedure can make the service to save time and effort again.

2.2.2. Time of guarantee unit / consulting unit preparation

+ Official letter of approval of the guarantor

In order to be employed by a foreign worker, the guarantor (where the teacher works) must give a written approval.