Top 10 Creative Ways To Teach Mathematics Effectively

Teaching mathematics effectively has been a challenge for many teachers in the education sector. The common issue is how to help students understand and be able to keep in mind all the formulas and calculations as long as possible hold numbers for calculations in the brain for a long time.

Worry no more, your problem will be resolved after reading our top 10 creative ways to teach mathematics below. We make sure that your math class can be the best one soon in the future!

Top 10 Creative Ways To Teach Mathematics

Use Manipulatives

Manipulatives can be one of the key factors in creating effective and engaging maths lessons. This tool will assist learners in perceiving abstract concepts in mathematics through physical activities such as touching and seeing them.
For instance, if you require your students to calculate the sum of three and four, they can create one pile with three items, and the rest is four items. Then they can find the result of this calculation only by counting how many items they have all together.

Draw Pictures

For much-complicated maths word problems, drawing pictures or diagrams will be useful techniques for students in solving them because they will easily visualize and find out complex maths issues such as algebra, geometry, or even probability.

Not only that, this method can interest learners much more in the calculation, especially for those who do not have an aptitude for mathematics or find it so boring.

For example, if you ask them to calculate how much money they have after buying books last month, you should instruct them to visualize the number they had before the purchase, then the price of the books they bought, after that, cross out the latter to find out the result- which is the amount of money they have left.

Thus, encourage your students to draw pictures in mathematical education and make a habit of creating works of art at all subsequent stages.

Create Maths Games

Students tend to be very interested in games, so this technique is also an excellent way for you to apply. It helps to create more fun and simultaneously boost students’ mathematics and critical thinking in your lesson.

They can also improve teamwork skills while playing the game among groups or build much more confidence and independence if they play alone. Not to mention, they have an opportunity to practice winning and losing graciously and respectfully by playing games with a competitive aspect.

Ask Students To Explain Their Ideas

Try to ask pupils to develop problem-solving ideas after assigning a maths assignment. Encourage your kids to collaborate in a respectful manner to come up with new methods. This technique not only stimulates their creativity but also finds out multiple ways to solve a mathematical exercise.
You can require your student to verbalize step-by-step what they have learned and give examples for what they’ve said during the teaching process. If they still find confused about knowledge, be patient to restate and require them to do it again.

Ask Students To Be The Teachers

This way may be similar to the previous one; however, it not only brings opportunities for students to practice presenting skills in public but also builds critical thinking when you empower them to be the teacher. Because they have to answer all questions asked and explain for people to understand their opinions.
Students also tend to remember better what they know when showing or instructing someone else. Inviting them to stand in the front of the room and demonstrate how to solve a problem in the most logical way will be an effective method for you.

Write A Word Problem

Why not have your pupils compose their own word problems instead of just doing mathematics exercises as normal? It will not only provide them with a better knowledge of the basic formulae for a certain problem, but it will also be a fun approach to try something new in arithmetic.
You might want to create a filling in the blanks template for them at the beginning of this method then increase the complexity at subsequent stages. Allow them to exchange their exercises with classmates to create a variety and help them remember better.

Read Mini Maths Stories

Learning mathematics through stories is no longer strange in teaching and learning. Instead of introducing abstract concepts like usual practices, you can try to tell students short stories to contextualize or give the pupils a puzzle to answer.

You might read the story at the end of a lesson to help students remember what they’ve learned, even ask them to tell these stories in the next lesson.
This combined method between literacy and math will help them improve literacy reading and debunk the idea that arithmetic is boring, unimaginative, and difficult to understand.

Celebrate Special Math Events

Besides the aforementioned ways, celebrating special maths events in the teaching process is a good idea. You will observe high levels of student engagement after students understand the competition expectations you set.

Remember that competition does not necessarily have to be between teams or students. Some students can enjoy competing against themselves by setting personal goals, thus creating various events to interest them in arithmetic.

Take Students Outside

Spending learning outside is a novel way to encourage students’ studying spirit. Take them into the zoo or park to diversify the educational environment.

Try to separate them into three to five groups with random numbers and line up, then ask to count the people in each group. Besides, counting the animals in the zoo is an ideal teaching option for you.

You might have them find 15 rocks, leaves, and natural objects in a short game to determine which team is the winner. Do not forget to praise the winning group’s success so that they can develop their own learning goals and approach more achievement in the future.

Finish Class By Giving A Summary And Homework

After applying the methods mentioned above, do not forget to give a summary at the end of the lesson, which helps them grasp what they’ve learned during the learning process.

One more important thing is to assign them extra exercises so that they can practice structures and what you taught because “Practice makes perfect!”

In conclusion

Hope that the top 10 creative ways to teach mathematics we provided will be useful for you. However, whether they are effective or not, mainly depends on how they are conducted by you.

You might need to apply your knowledge flexibly to evaluate and modify instructional resources and convey the subject in an honest and accessible manner. But the most important is trying to listen and see your pupils’ reactions to your teaching approaches and adjust your lessons accordingly. Find other articles from us about teaching in Vietnam here!


To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.

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To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.