4 most popular neighborhoods in Ho Chi Minh City for the expats

According to the global survey Expat City Ranking 2021 of InterNations, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is ranked 3rd in Southeast Asia. So do you know what is the most popular area for the expat community in Vietnam here? Scroll down to find out!!

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Phu My Hung – District 7 (The biggest expat community in HCMC, Vietnam)

Phu My Hung - District 7 (The biggest expat community in Vietnam)

Phu My Hung – District 7 (The biggest expat community in Vietnam)

Phu My Hung has long been known as an international city. Infrastructure, planning, construction, and architecture meet international quality standards. Therefore, this place has the largest expat community in HCMC.

Up to now, Phu My Hung urban area is a settlement for about 30,000 people, of which half of Phu My Hung residents are an area of the expat community with diverse nationalities such as: Korean, British, American, Taiwan, Japan,…

One of the most prominent and preferred projects by the expat community is the Midtown project. Phu My Hung Midtown Complex is a project by Phu My Hung in cooperation with 3 leading real estate development companies in Japan including Daiwa House Group, Nomura Real Estate Group, and Sumitomo Forestry Group.

This project has a well-designed internal utility system such as a swimming pool, BBQ area, library, children’s playroom, and community room, In particular, Phu My Hung Midtown is the first project. integrated with facilities in the apartment, including a simulated golf room, massage…

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Some reasons Phu My Hung has the biggest expat community in Vietnam:

– The living environment and technical infrastructure have many similarities with the country they live in. There are many parks mixed in the residential area creating a green area for the environment and health.

– Around there are many international schools such as Japan, Korea, Canada,… with a wide range of training levels, from preschool to high school.

District 1 – Longtime expat community in Ho Chi Minh city

District 1 - Longtime expat community in Ho Chi Minh city

District 1 – Longtime expat community in Ho Chi Minh city

Most foreigners choose the first settlement in District 1 because this place converges the most typical cultural points of Saigon. Most expat living in District 1 are single, doing business, love the bustling life and want to experience the local culture.

You will see a lot of foreigners living and working in District 1. Especially on the famous Nguyen Hue flower street or Bui Vien pedestrian street at night, it is always crowded with many Westerners and Europeans.

Reasons why foreigners like to live in District 1:

– District 1 is the financial and office center, a place to connect traffic, convenient to move through other districts in the city.

– There are many options for restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. This place focuses on many types of entertainment with international or typical Vietnamese style.

– Local people are friendly, have good English and are familiar with foreign culture.

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‘Western Quarter’ Thao Dien – District 2 in Ho Chi Minh city

Thao Dien (District 2) has long formed a large and diverse community of outsiders in Ho Chi Minh city

Thao Dien (District 2) has long formed a large and diverse community of outsiders in Ho Chi Minh city

Dubbed as the new center of Saigon city, Thao Dien (District 2) has long formed a large and diverse community of outsiders.

Thao Dien is home to a series of luxury villas and a small number of luxury limited apartments. According to the survey, this is an area that attracts attention and gradually becomes an ideal living place for successful businessmen, intellectuals… to work and live in Vietnam.

Thao Dien possesses great advantages and these are definitely the reasons why apartments here are increasing in price and attracting investors and foreigners to live.

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Famous for its ideal location

Thao Dien is located in the North of District 2 with an area of 375.85 hectares. Formed on the basis of a part of the area and population of the old An Phu commune, the West and North borders with Binh Thanh district through Saigon River, the South borders with Binh An and An Phu wards, the East borders with wards. An Phu.

Currently, the transportation infrastructure is planned to expand, making Thao Dien’s location more and more convenient. The connection to the financial center area of District 1 or Binh Thanh and District 3 only takes a few minutes to move.

In addition, on Xuan Thuy and Nguyen Van Huong streets, many facilities have been developed to serve the expat community, such as international schools, restaurants specializing in European dishes, imported supermarkets, etc.

Thao Dien, District 2 has a large expat community in Vietnam because it attracts foreigners with a wide range of beautiful villas, green large yards for gardening, and quiet and private corners. The tree-lined streets and luxury shops are also plus points for foreign residents to comfortably walk and shop every evening and on weekends.

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Thu Thiem new urban area (District 2) in Ho Chi Minh city

Thu Thiem new urban area (District 2) in Ho Chi Minh city

Thu Thiem new urban area (District 2) in Ho Chi Minh city

Some of the reasons why Thu Thiem new urban area attracts foreigners to live and become a place worth living is because

  • 50% of Thu Thiem area is water and trees, so the air is very fresh, cool and suitable for Western standard living environment.
  • High-class internal and external utility system, showing the superiority with many key public works in the country.
  • Only 3 minutes from the center of District 1, and easy to go to the Southeast provinces via the highway.

Besides the above factors, the new Thu Thiem new urban area is also a fun place and a great place to see the city’s iconic buildings such as Landmark 81, Vietcombank Tower, Bitexco.

The living environment of Thu Thiem new urban area is currently on the rise, promising an international standard urban area in the near future, creating a large-scale expat community in Vietnam here.

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Those are some of the most well-known places that have a large expat community in Vietnam. If you are curious about the cost of living in HCM city, don’t forget to read it HERE!

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