ESL Game: Frozen PowerPoint Game for Disney’s fans!

Why should you play this game?

ESL Game Frozen PowerPoint Game for Disney's fans

For the same reasons as many of VTJ’s other carefully selected and collected games, the Frozen PowerPoint Game is:

– Highly applicable, extremely useful for online classes. It helps students become more interested and focused on the lecture/practice part through quizzes.

– Easy to monitor scores and to edit the content. The game also comes with great visuals and vivid sound effects

– What makes this game unique is that it has a scoreboard where you can go back after each answer to edit each team’s score.

– Suitable for all types of content: grammar, vocabulary, word meanings, etc.

How to play the Frozen PowerPoint Game?


– The gameplay is quite similar to other games introduced by VTJ:

– Students divide into teams to play. If the class is large, or if the class is less than 4 people, let them play individually.

– Students choose 1 question box and answer, if the answer is correct, their team gets a random reward

How to play:

As always click a letter on the menu to take you to a question. Click the correct answer to see the reward slide. Six of them have frozen hearts, 5 of them have mystery ice cubes, and the rest of them are just points (4-6 points each). If you click a wrong answer it will simply disappear.

Frozen PowerPoint Game: Olaf found something!

Click on the frozen logo to return to the menu slide. As for the question slides (which do not have a frozen logo) if no one guesses the correct answer you can click on the picture of Elsa in the corner to return to the menu without seeing the points.

When it comes to the frozen hearts be careful to wait until the points have completely disappeared before clicking the next heart. You can click and get more points until it says “bomb.” Each one has a different number of possible points, and they can stop at any time and keep all the points they have gathered. If they get the bomb though, they will lose all of the points that they have at that time.

Before playing the game you can put your own questions and answers into the PowerPoint. If you do this the question or picture goes in the big box and you need to put 1 correct and 3 incorrect answers in the small answer boxes. Make sure that you put the correct answer on the spot that says “Correct!.”

Each stone takes you to different rewards

Another way is to put nothing into the PowerPoint and just come with a list of multiple-choice questions in hand. Read a question to the students and if they guess wrong click one of the wrong answer buttons, and read the question again to let another team try. If they guess right then click the correct answer button. This is also a great way to have them practice their listening skills, and it makes less work for you.

Using this method you do not need to have 26 questions, and you can choose the order in which you ask them. The game is over when you ask the last question.

*Slides 5 and 6 are prettier if you delete the instruction boxes. You can delete them without any negative effect on the PowerPoint.

Download now: Frozen PowerPoint Game


To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.

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To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.