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International TESOL TEFL Training (ITTT) is a globally established platform for undertaking a variety of TESOL and TEFL courses. We cater to the needs of our customers by offering high quality courses across 25 countries worldwide that are accredited in almost every country.

Many of our centers are located in international teaching hotspots to accommodate customers wanting to teach in the local area. As well as international standards, those taking the course can find out more about teaching within the community.

Our aim is to go above and beyond qualifying a teacher; we want to equip our newly certified teachers with the right tools to make the most out of their teaching experience. In order to achieve this, we provide expert advice and multiple teaching methods that ensure an enjoyable lesson for both teacher and student. ITTT understands that each customer is different and may have a preferred style of teaching, which is why we specialize in TEFL and TESOL courses.


International TEFL & TESOL Training is a professional training organization dedicated to raising standards of teaching and professionalism in the EFL industry. ittt is committed to:

Providing a wide range of courses and services to cater to individual needs. We aim to help you choose the right course for you.

Providing high quality, practical training using the most up to date methods. Our courses aim to provide teachers with methods and skills that actually work in the classroom rather than just on a theoretical level.

Helping graduates of our courses find suitable teaching positions in the location of their choice.



What is TEFL International?

TEFL International, a worldwide organization, has been providing TESOL courses, TESOL certification and opportunities for teaching English abroad since 1995.

With a network of more than twenty schools all over the world, TEFL International’s reputation and the high quality of these courses mean you will   receive all the necessary skills, experience and credibility you need to embark on your first teaching position as a TEFL teacher wherever in the world you choose to be.

tesolWho is a TESOL course for?

Our TESOL courses (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) are ideal for:

  • School teachers who want to be certified to teach ESL
  • People who have no experience in teaching English to speakers of other languages or experienced educators who want to learn new techniques


The course consists of the following 6 core components:

  1. Teaching Practice

This is the most fundamental area of our TESOL course. The trainees teach Vietnamese students of English, put into practice the skills learnt on the course and receive immediate feedback from the trainer after each observed lesson.

  1. Foreign Language Experience

The trainees receive training in an unknown foreign language to reflect on the experience of being a learner, and how this might direct their own teaching

  1. Language Awareness

The trainees study inputs related to grammar and phonology

  1. Student Profile

The trainees work with individual students on rapport-building, error analysis and correction, addressing individual student needs in two meetings which are observed by a trainer.

  1. Teaching Techniques

This component of the course covers the main areas related to classroom management, lesson preparation, teaching skills such as: reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, etc.

  1. Materials Compilation Projects

All trainees must develop two sets of materials used during the teaching practice to present to the trainers on how the materials were used, how they could be improved and might be used in another context.


  • Internationally recognized and accredited TESOL certification
  • Highly qualified and experienced TESOL professionals
  • 6 – 8 hours of teaching practice with actual Vietnamese students
  • Friendly, approachable and helpful staff
  • Modern equipment with    free    Internet access
  • A unique branch   of   TEFL   International in HCMC
  • Job search guidance and assistance

Online TESOL Courses’ information

Below is some basic information related to our 120-hour TESOL course:

1. The course will last for 4 weeks and the trainees will study from Monday to Friday (from 9:00am- 4:30pm)


(4-week TESOL course)

02 January- 29 January

26 February – 23 March

26 March – 20 April

07 May – 01 June

11 June – 06 July

09 July – 03 August

06 August – 31 August

04 September – 28 September

01 October – 26 October

29 October – 23 November

26 November – 21 December


2. The course is internationally recognised and university accredited in the USA.

3. The next course will start on 7th of May, 2018.

4. The course fee is 1,590 USD (please note that this price will be raised to $1690 in July). Also, right now, we have a special discount of $350 who is from EIV company and directly register for the TESOL course with TEFL International Vietnam and make the deposit of US$ 600 (The balance is US$ 640) to secure your place.

5. The next course will start on 7th of May, 2018.

6. There are 6 sections during the course: Teaching Techniques, Language Awareness, Foreign Language Journal, 1-1 Teaching, Teaching practice and Materials Compilation Projects.


MR. ANDY LOWE – Lecturer, UK

Course Administrator, TEFL International Vietnam

Andy began his career in education over 10 years ago in HCMC. His vast experience includes all kinds of English teaching, including IELTS, Bachelor Programs, Business Relations, and ‘teacher training’ for TEFL International. He also has extensive expertise in management, as well as being Academic/Operations Director for his own HR Educational Consultancy.



Head Trainer/ Lecturer  Vietnam

With over 17 years of teaching English at schools, colleges and training institutions, Ms. Diem has achieved a highly skilled level of experience in the techniques of communication necessary to deliver quality English to Vietnamese students. She is the holder of an M.A in TESOL, a B.S in English, along with 3 Teacher Training Certificates. These qualifications make her an outstanding member of the TEFL International Vietnam team.



Jason Ovenden is a TESOL-qualified English Language Teacher, who has been teaching for 10 years to young learners from grades 6 to 11 at different high schools in HCMC. He also has experience of Cambridge Programs – including YLE, KET and PET classes and regularly teaches these classes at weekends.

With his thoughts on teaching “I want a job I enjoy doing, and I’ve never had a dull day with teaching – it’s fun and rewarding”, he brings a fun and educational element to the TESOL Program in his inputs as well as his demonstration lessons for the trainees.


MS. XAYVIENGSA– Lecturer, Laos

Ms. Sa is a TESOL-qualified English Language teacher, who has been teaching and training for over 10 years to both young learners and adults in different schools in HCMC.  She can speak 4 different languages fluently: English, Vietnamese, Thai and Laotian.  Education and learning are her passion