100+ Vietnamese Essential Phrases For Travel & Everyday Life

When traveling to Vietnam, having a basic understanding of the local language can greatly enhance your experience and interactions with the locals. While English is spoken in many tourist areas, knowing some essential Vietnamese phrases can go a long way in making connections and immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Vietnam. In this article, VTJ will provide you with over 100 essential Vietnamese phrases for travel and everyday life.

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100+ Vietnamese Essential Phrases For Travel & Everyday Life

Common Vietnamese Phrases And Greetings

Common Vietnamese Phrases And Greetings

Common Vietnamese Phrases And Greetings

Mastering common Vietnamese phrases and greetings is the key to increase social interactions with ease. Here are essential phrases to help you initiate conversations and connect warmly with the people of Vietnam:

Xin chào – Hello

A versatile greeting suitable for any time of day.

Chào bạn – Hi there

A casual way to greet someone.

Chào buổi sáng – Good morning

A polite morning greeting.

Chào buổi chiều – Good afternoon/evening

Used in the afternoon and evening.

Chào buổi tối – Good night

A friendly way to say goodbye in the evening.

Dạo này bạn thế nào? – How have you been lately?

A friendly inquiry into someone’s recent well-being.

Cảm ơn – Thank you

Express gratitude in everyday interactions.

Xin lỗi – Excuse me / I’m sorry

Use this phrase when seeking attention or apologizing.

Không có gì – You’re welcome

A response to expressions of gratitude, meaning “It’s nothing.”

Làm ơn – Please

Add politeness to your requests with this word.

Tạm biệt – Goodbye

A common way to bid farewell.

Hẹn gặp lại – See you again

Express the hope of meeting again.

Chúc may mắn – Good luck

Offer best wishes for good fortune.

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Common Vietnamese Phrases To Introduce Yourself With

Common Vietnamese Phrases To Introduce Yourself With

Common Vietnamese Phrases To Introduce Yourself With

Introducing yourself is a fundamental step in connecting with the people of Vietnam. Mastering these common Vietnamese phrases will not only make your interactions smoother but also show your genuine interest in engaging with the local culture:

Tôi là…- I am…

Use this phrase to introduce yourself followed by your name.

Bạn tên là gì? – What is your name?

A polite and essential question when getting to know someone.

Tôi đến từ…- I am from…

Share your place of origin with this introductory phrase.

Rất vui được gặp bạn. – Nice to meet you.

Express your pleasure in meeting someone new.

Tôi là du khách – I am a tourist.

Let others know that you are a traveler.

Bạn có thể gọi tôi là… – You can call me…

Offer an alternative or nickname for others to address you.

Tôi làm việc ở… I work at…

Share your profession or place of work in introductions.

Bạn sống ở đâu? – Where do you live?

Inquire about someone’s place of residence in a friendly manner.

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Useful Vietnamese Phrases For Ordering Food And Drink

Useful Vietnamese Phrases For Ordering Food And Drink

Useful Vietnamese Phrases For Ordering Food And Drink

Exploring Vietnamese cuisine is a delightful journey, and knowing these essential phrases will enhance your dining experience. These phrases will help you order food and drinks with confidence:

Tôi muốn…- I would like…

Start your order with this polite phrase.

Cái này là gì? – What is this?

Use this phrase to inquire about unfamiliar dishes.

Bao nhiêu tiền? – How much?

Useful for asking about the price of a dish.

Cho tôi một cái…- Can I have one…

Employ this phrase when ordering a single item.

Làm ơn không bỏ ớt – No chili, please.

Useful for indicating your spice preferences.

Cho tôi xin thêm nước. – Can I have more water?

Use this phrase to request a water refill.

Mang về. – Takeaway.

Request your food to be packed for takeaway.

Có món nào ngon không? – What is delicious here?

Seek recommendations from the staff.

Cho tôi xem menu, làm ơn. – Show me the menu, please.

Request the menu to explore your options.

Đặt trước. – Pre-order.

Useful for placing an advance order.

Tôi sẽ trả bằng tiền mặt. – I will pay in cash.

Inform the staff about your preferred payment method.

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Useful Vietnamese Phrases For Shopping

Useful Vietnamese Phrases For Shopping

Useful Vietnamese Phrases For Shopping

Exploring the bustling markets and shops in Vietnam is a sensory delight. Arm yourself with these essential Vietnamese phrases to make your shopping experience enjoyable and efficient:

Bao nhiêu tiền? – How much?

Inquiring about the price of an item.

Có thể giảm giá không? – Can you give a discount?

Useful when bargaining for a better price.

Tôi chỉ xem thôi. – I’m just looking.

Politely convey that you are browsing without intending to buy.

Có cỡ lớn hơn không? – Do you have a larger size?

Helpful when trying on clothes or shoes.

Có màu khác không? – Do you have a different color?

Inquire about available color options.

Tôi sẽ lấy cái này. – I will take this one.

Confirm your decision to purchase.

Có giao hàng không? – Do you offer delivery?

Inquire about delivery services.

Có thể trả bằng thẻ không? – Can I pay by card?

Featured Job

Useful for checking payment options.

Có phiếu quà tặng không? – Do you have gift vouchers?

Inquire about available gift certificates.

Tôi có thể đổi trả hàng không? – Can I exchange or return this?

Important when discussing return policies.

Tôi cần một hộp để đựng. –  I need a box for this.

Useful if you’re buying a fragile item and need packaging.

Tôi có thể thử mặc không? – Can I try this on?

Essential when shopping for clothes.

Cho tôi xem mẫu khác, làm ơn. – Show me other samples, please.

If you want to explore more options.

Bạn có thể giữ giùm tôi không? – Can you hold this for me?

If you need the shopkeeper to reserve an item.

Có giảm giá vào dịp nào không? – Are there any discounts on occasion?

Inquire about special discounts or promotions.

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Useful Vietnamese Phrases To Ask For Directions And Transportation

Useful Vietnamese Phrases To Ask For Directions And Transportation

Useful Vietnamese Phrases To Ask For Directions And Transportation

Navigating through the streets of Vietnam requires effective communication for directions and transportation. Equip yourself with these essential Vietnamese phrases to ensure you reach your destination smoothly:

Làm ơn hãy chỉ đường đến – Please show me the way to…

Request assistance in finding your way to a specific location.

Tôi muốn đi đến…- I want to go to…

Clearly state your desired destination.

Bến xe buýt ở đâu? – Where is the bus station?

Ask about locating public transportation.

Đến đây bao xa…? – How far is it from here to…?

Inquire about the distance to a particular location.

Tôi muốn thuê một chiếc xe ô tô. – I want to rent a car.

Express your need for renting a car.

Bao lâu từ đây đến ga xe lửa? –  How long to the train station from here?

Ask about the travel time to the train station.

Đi bằng phương tiện giao thông nào là nhanh nhất? – Which transportation is the fastest?

Inquire about the quickest mode of transportation.

Làm ơn chỉ đường đến sân bay. – Please show me the way to the airport.

Request directions to the airport.

Tôi cần một chiếc taxi. – I need a taxi.

Useful when you’re ready to hire a taxi.

Bao nhiêu tiền từ đây đến trung tâm thành phố? – How much from here to the city center?

Inquire about the cost of transportation to the city center.

Làm ơn giúp tôi gọi một chiếc Grab. – Please help me call a Grab.

Request assistance in booking a ride through a rideshare service.

Có dịch vụ đưa đón từ khách sạn không? – Is there a shuttle service from the hotel?

Ask about transportation services provided by the hotel.

Làm thế nào để đi bộ đến…? – How can I walk to…?

Useful when asking for walking directions.

Bạn có thể chỉ dẫn giúp tôi không? – Can you guide me?

Ask for general assistance or guidance.

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Useful Vietnamese Phrases To Make Friends

Useful Vietnamese Phrases To Make Friends

Useful Vietnamese Phrases To Make Friends

Connecting with the locals in Vietnam can be a rewarding part of your journey. Use these friendly Vietnamese phrases to initiate conversations and forge meaningful connections:

Bạn có thích… không? – Do you like…?

A great conversation starter to discover shared interests.

Cùng đi chơi nhé! – Let’s go out together!

Extend an invitation to spend time together.

Bạn có muốn cùng đi ăn không? – Do you want to go eat together?

Propose sharing a meal for a casual meet-up.

Có thể làm bạn không? – Can we be friends?

Express your desire to build a friendship.

Cùng nhau khám phá thành phố nhé! – Let’s explore the city together!

Suggest an adventure to discover the local surroundings.

Bạn có thể giới thiệu mình không? – Can you introduce yourself?

Initiate a friendly exchange of personal introductions.

Mình có thể gọi bạn là… không? – Can I call you…?

Propose a nickname or informal way to address your new friend.

Hãy giữ liên lạc nhé! – Let’s stay in touch!

Express your interest in maintaining a connection.

Tôi thấy rất vui khi làm quen với bạn. – I feel happy to make friends with you.

Share a positive sentiment about the newfound friendship.

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Essential Vietnamese Phrases For Emergency

Essential Vietnamese Phrases For Emergency

Essential Vietnamese Phrases For Emergency

In unforeseen situations, knowing these essential Vietnamese phrases can be crucial for seeking help or assistance:

Tôi cần sự giúp đỡ. – I need help.

Use this phrase to seek assistance in various situations.

Gọi cảnh sát! – Call the police!

In emergencies requiring police intervention.

Gọi xe cấp cứu! – Call an ambulance!

In case of medical emergencies, call for an ambulance.

Cứu thương! – Emergency!

A general exclamation for urgent assistance.

Tôi mất hành lý. – I lost my luggage.

Useful at airports or transport hubs.

Đây là số điện thoại khẩn cấp. – This is the emergency phone number.

Share the local emergency contact information.

Tôi bị lạc. – I am lost.

Use this phrase if you find yourself disoriented.

Có ai biết nói tiếng Anh không? – Does anyone speak English?

Inquire about English speakers in the vicinity.

Tôi cần bác sĩ. – I need a doctor.

Use this phrase when seeking medical assistance.

Tôi bị thương rồi. – I am injured.

Indicate that you are in need of medical attention.

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Armed with this treasure trove of 100+ essential Vietnamese phrases, your journey through the enchanting landscapes of Vietnam is not only marked by scenic beauty but also by meaningful connections with the locals. Beyond mere communication, embracing these expressions showcases your respect for the vibrant culture and enhances your overall travel experience. So, as you venture forth, may these phrases be your companions, enriching your interactions and weaving unforgettable moments into the tapestry of your Vietnamese odyssey. Chúc bạn một chuyến đi tuyệt vời! (Wishing you a wonderful journey!)

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