Top 5 Most trusted computer/laptop repair stores in Hanoi

Using a computer for an extended period of time will inevitably cause issues and damage. However, there are far too many repair addresses popping up, making it difficult to find a reputable location to repair your lovely laptop. Therefore, we have compiled the top 5 most- trusted computer/laptop repair stores in Hanoi for you to choose from.

Top 5 Most-trusted computer/laptop repair stores in Hanoi

Sua Chua Laptop 24h

Top 5 Most trusted computer/laptop repair stores in Hanoi

Top 5 Most trusted computer/laptop repair stores in Hanoi

Laptop Repair is the most prestigious computer, laptop, and Macbook repair company in the country, with locations in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and other major cities such as Hai Phong, Hai Duong, and North Jiang.

Suachualaptop 24h has won a very solid place in the customer’s heart over nearly eight years of development.

The center is constantly striving to provide the best possible customer service while offering genuine, reputable products at the most competitive prices.

Pros of Suachualaptop24h

  • Professional repair process
  • Good price
  • Promotion programs
  • Many repair stores in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and some provinces in the South of Vietnam. is known for always being able to meet the demands of repairing and quickly resolve Laptop-related issues. With a team of well-trained professionals on hand, they also support a long-term warranty for customers even after the repairing process is completed.

Pros of

  • The repairing process such as dismantling and installing is conducted under the customer’s watch.
  • Before the customer makes a decision, there is a clear repair process with full information including fault condition, repair plan, and detailed quote displayed.
  • The price is public so that customers can refer to it prior to making a repair decision.
  • Their replacement items have a trusted origin.
  • Warranty available


When you visit HNCOM, the technical department will conduct a free inspection and consultation. They will disassemble the machine immediately upon receiving your device and the customer will sign all the components of the machine, which proves that there will be no suspicion about the repair process. They will immediately disassemble the machine upon receipt of your device, and the customer will sign all of the machine’s components.

As a result, customers have complete confidence in HNCOM’s services. Additionally, they always strive to repair and fix your laptop in the most efficient and timely manner possible, based on their years of experience and professional passion.

Top 5 Most trusted computer/laptop repair stores in Hanoi

They always adhere to the motto, “Your satisfaction is HNCOM’s success,” with a staff of highly qualified, enthusiastic, and dynamic individuals who are always supportive and ready to serve customers at any time and in any location.

If the computer/laptop has a serious problem that requires more time to repair and get thoroughly tested, HNCOM will ask you to sign up for the components and schedule a pick-up appointment for the next available time. When the device is working perfectly well, a member of staff will contact you for your pickup.

Phung Gia

Phung Gia is one of Hanoi’s most professional and prestigious laptop repair centers. It has invested in cutting-edge machines imported from Japan, the United States, and Germany, including a mainboard error checking machine and a screen stripe press machine, among others, to meet growing customer demands.
Additionally, they have a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians who have previously worked for well-known brands such as Dell, HP, IBM, and Acer. If your laptop encounters a problem, you can bring it to Phung Gia to receive the most enthusiastic assistance at the lowest possible cost.

Pros of Phung Gia

  • Time-saving.
  • Enthusiastic and responsible team of technicians.
  • Reasonable repairing cost
  • Affordable replacement items.

Sua chua laptop Hoang Duong (HD laptop)

This is one of Hanoi’s most reputable laptop repair stores. HD Laptop is able to deal with malfunctioning cases that other repair stores can’t thanks to having a very professional and experienced team of technicians.

When you visit the Hoang Duong laptop repair center, you will feel relieved since everything is so well-organized. The technical staff with many years of experience will give you enthusiastic advice, and know exactly what your device is in need of. The store also offers a good warranty policy.

Pros of HDLaptop

  • Report the correct price and laptop error.
  • No extra charge for a serious warranty.
  • Laptop repairs only take up to a maximum of three days.The laptop will be ensured to be in good condition before you receive it.

In conclusion

Hopefully, the top 5 most-trusted computer/laptop repair stores in Hanoi can help you find the most ideal place to make your computer healthy again. See you in the next articles!


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To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.