Top 10 most high quality gyms in Vietnam

Gyms in Vietnam are everywhere nowadays, from affordable to extremely expensive ones. Today we are having an article about the best quality gyms in Vietnam, so make sure you stay reading until the end!

Top 10 best quality gyms in Vietnam

Elite Fitness – ranked No. 1 in the list of the best gyms in Vietnam

Top 10 most high quality gyms in Vietnam

Top 10 most high quality gyms in Vietnam

Present in the market since 2010, Elite Fitness has risen strongly and affirmed its position as one of the best quality gyms in Vietnam. Its machines imported by two famous brands Technogym and Life fitness have great quality and exceptional durability.

In addition, Elite Fitness also affirms the position of a high-class gym when providing the rental service of personal trainers who are famous faces in the world of fitness and sports. You can find their branches in HCMC and Hanoi

California Fitness & Yoga Centers

California Fitness & Yoga Centers is one of the largest gyms in Vietnam. It is equipped with a total gym area of ​​more than 16,000 square meters and a vibrant atmosphere with its own style. Each Center is filled with modern training equipment worth millions of dollars along with international standard trainers from many leading countries in fitness and yoga around the world. such as the United States, Australia,… The central space is modern, airy, luxurious, and has a system of 5-star state-of-the-art equipment for exercise and entertainment. Besides, owning prime locations in Ho Chi Minh City proves the center’s class as well as convenient for you to come and practice.

The center also has internet areas, nutritional refreshments counters, modern makeup areas and wet and dry saunas for working and relaxing needs. It has the most comprehensive and professional group training programs:

  • BodyJam
  • BodyCombat, RPM, BodyBalance, BodyPump
  • Zumba, Latin Dance, Belly Dance

In addition, the center also has a variety of other learning programs:

  • Teaching pole dancing
  • A variety of Yoga courses corresponding to needs, one-on-one training program: KickFit, … to meet many different requirements. and diverse student interests.

NShape Fitness – Hanoi

Established in 2009, NShape Fitness (DoFy Sport Co., Ltd) is the first high-end fitness brand in Hanoi, well-invested according to international standards. Since then, NShape has succeeded with 02 centers located in the heart of the city, the number of members is up to 3000 people. In 2014, NShape continued to expand the third center NShape Mandarin with a total area of ​​up to 2500 m2, fully equipped with all types of exercise:

  • Gym
  • Group Exercises
  • Yoga (including Hot Yoga)
  • Exercise classes outdoors
  • Exercise programs for kids
  • Specialized training programs such as Cross Fit, Cardio Boxing

An experienced personal trainer will also support customers with advice and specifically tailored sets of exercises to each individual’s needs and fitness goals. Not only that, they will enthusiastically and rigorously practice with you so that you are not discouraged. In addition to the form of Gym training with a professional and methodical coach, the club also organizes 25 classes of yoga, latin pop, belly dance…

Fit24 – Fitness & Yoga Center – Ho Chi Minh City

In 2012, Fit24 – Fitness And Yoga officially appeared in the Vietnam market with its first branch in HCM city. It is located at 2nd Floor Thien Son Plaza, 800 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7. After almost a decade, Fit24 has found its place as one of the best quality gyms in Vietnam.

With the slogan “Fit For Life”, Fit24 aims to bring balance and improve the quality of life for the community. When coming to Fit24, customers and members will experience the high-class services of a 5-star gym: Sauna, Magnetic Lockers, LaVie Drinks, Towels, Towels, Shampoo, Dryers, Parking… which are completely free.

Fitness World – Hanoi

Top 10 most high quality gyms in Vietnam

Fitness World is one of the good gyms in Hanoi with large scale, luxurious space and amenities in the Cau Giay area. It is equipped with modern equipment imported from the US.

Yoga studio is separate from other areas for maximum tranquility for yoga members.

Group X gym is very attractive with many types of exercises such as BodyCombat, Zumba, Latin, Belly Dance…

The center also integrates a sauna, a steam room, a bathroom, a changing area and lockers, an Internet counter and relaxation counters for meet-ups.

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Getfit Gym & Yoga – Ho Chi Minh City

Established in 2010, GETFIT GYM & YOGA is a high-class fitness, beauty and yoga center with an area of ​​​​nearly 2500m² located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. With a system of modern equipment and a team of professional coaches with international qualifications, GETFIT GYM & YOGA not only provides a comfortable training space, a motivating training environment, but also helps their customers quickly achieve their health and beauty goals.

With all the experience GETFIT can easily design for you a self-management system for your own workouts. GETFIT also knows how to create reasonable group exercise programs to create motivation among members. This helps increase the customer’s commitment to exercising significantly!

Newlife Gym – Ho Chi Minh City

Newlife Gym Club was established and put into operation in 2012. The prestigious gym aims to become a leading professional company in providing fitness services for individuals, groups of customers and units who want to engage in a separate, classy and effective workout program.

Newlife Gym has a lot of experience in managing, training and providing professional personal coaches.

GYM NEWLIFE is one of the professional companies in providing training services with personal trainers. They are also famous for having carefully selected and trained coaches. The PTs at Newlife Gym always tries their best to meet the fitness needs for different customers.

Ecstasy Gym & Yoga – Da Nang

Ecstasy Gym & Yoga is a club that integrates many services. There is a system of luxury restaurants, spas, saunas, shopping and entertainment areas. Parking area is right in front of the restaurant, with many well-trained security guards.. Gym and yoga room look very modern, especially the gym which has a lot of imported machines. The yoga room has towels and mats available, in addition, there is a locker for personal belongings with a lock so it is very safe.

Group X classes also have many students attending. The instructors are also enthusiastic, teaching the movements carefully. When practicing, you can see outside thanks to the glass door system. The coaches also regularly update new exercises for members. Their team of coaches is full of young and dynamic individuals, so they also often learn new trends, making it more appealing to young people.

KingSport Fitness – Da Nang

Having luxurious, modern facilities, KingSport Fitness gives all members a panoramic view of a perfect space to practice and relax. The trainers here are well-trained, and have a clear curriculum for each subject. This facilitates the gym-goers to have the most effective training program possible.

KingSport Fitness has a range of modern machinery systems, and a team of professional and enthusiastic coaches. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-class gym with reasonable price, then this one gym is a perfect choice for you.

X Fitness – Hanoi

X Fitness first appeared in March 2013, with an area of ​​more than 700m2, including three large rooms for the main subjects: Gym, Yoga, Group X. It also has the famous Impulse exercise machine system to better serve the gym-lovers.

Yoga courses at X fitness are very methodical and take place regularly every month with 3 basic, advanced and Core Yoga classes under the guidance of Indian instructors.

Besides Gym and Yoga, you can join Group X like in other establishments.

VTJ hopes that with the list of top 10 best quality gyms in Vietnam, we could help you in choosing a place for staying fit!


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