What to do when there is a storm in Vietnam- important to know!

In the months near Tet, people, especially in the central region, will face big storms. The following article will help you prepare mentally as well as physically to stay safe when there is a storm in Vietnam.

The destruction of the storm was caused by very strong vortex winds with gusts of up to 140 km/h. At the same time, the storm also caused heavy rain and floods on a large scale, causing a lot of loss of life and property.

So, when a storm hits and we are right in the path of the storm, what should we do to protect ourselves and our families and minimize the damage as much as possible?

What to do when there is a storm in Vietnam

Before the storm comes


Severely damaged coast in Hoian after the arrival of the newest storm

– Check the main doors and windows. If the doors are weak, plywood (with a thickness of at least 1.5cm) can be closed to prevent the wind from breaking the windows and entering the house.

– In case the roof is covered with corrugated iron, use strong woven synthetic fiber rope to hold it, or you can use sandbags on the roof.

– And also, if the yard has large trees, trim the branches neatly to reduce the risk of wind knocking the tree over the roof.

– Check gutters and drains for blockages. This helps prevent rainwater from accumulating on the roof, increasing pressure that can cause the roof to collapse and cause water to enter the house.

– Always clear the drains so that water can drain quickly when there is a storm in Vietnam.

– Lock the door, if there are objects in the yard, anchor them carefully. Strong winds can blow objects away, slamming them so hard that they damage walls and break doors.

– Stock up on some foods such as instant noodles, canned food, drinking water, common medicines, bandages, and disinfectants.

– Reserve domestic water for bathing, washing… in case the main water supply system is damaged.

– Check the fuel oil and the operating condition of the vehicles. This is because you and your family may have to urgently move out of the house to another temporary shelter.

– Gather important documents into a waterproof nylon bag. Sometimes the flood water rises and floods the house, damaging important documents, which will create even more hassles later.

– Prepare luggage bags for restoring some clothes, spare blankets, food and drinking water in case of evacuation by order of authorities or dangerous situation.

– Put valuable objects at higher place in the house.

– Prepare a little cash, because sometimes ATMs do not work during storms.

While the storm is raging

While the storm is raging

Hoian had been having extreme flood after the storm

– Lock doors and windows. If the door is weak, use supports to prevent the door from being blown open by the wind.

– Lock the gas stove valve.

– Stay away from the main doors or those with glass windows.

– Avoid using the phone when there is a storm in Vietnam, except in an emergency.

– If required by the authorities, turn off the main power.

– The whole family should gather inside the most solid room.

– If the ceiling is strongly shaken, hide under a table, under a bed or a sturdy object to avoid being crushed when the ceiling collapses. Use pillows and mattresses to cover your head.

– Regularly turn on the radio and television to listen to the latest announcements about the storm situation of the authorities. If an evacuation order is issued, follow the instructions immediately and accordingly.

– In case you HAVE TO go outside, be careful when opening the door, there may be broken and falling power lines in front of the house. Since we don’t know if the lines are still active, make sure to stay faraway. When you have to go out during a storm in Vietnam, wear dry plastic shoes.

And finally, be prepared for the possibility that you and your family have to evacuate urgently. You may also have to leave if there is a risk of the house collapsing or severe flood.

All in all…

We hope you have gained some good knowledge about what to do when encountering a storm in Vietnam. Stay safe and be happy! Please find more articles about Vietnam from VTJ in the Blogs for teachers site.


To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.

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