William Norris

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Address Casper, United States
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Birthday: 1954
Gender: Male
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Nationality: American
Where are you living? Outside Viet Nam
Teaching Experience > 2 years
Expected Salary: negotiable
What’s your highest level of education completed? Master's Degree
ESL Certification (TEFL, TESOL) Master Degree in TESOL (or equivalent)


I have teaching English and ESL experience as a primary & a secondary school teacher in Malaysia, and adults in the USA. As a teacher, it has been my honor and commitment to encourage my students' to engage in the English language, giving them the confidence to use it in and out of the classroom. It is my sincere desire to bring the best out of each student. I am prepared to play a significant role in the school.

My qualifications include 2 years primary & 4 years of secondary school experience, and a Master of Arts with a concentration of TESOL, and a BS in Pre-Occupational Therapy. During my tenure at UCSI, I taught English, English as a Second Language, first-year IGCSE Global Perspectives, and was the whole school counselor.

Other skills and accomplishments include:

  • Assessing and looking after 350+ students for the duration of one year, as the whole school counselor.

  • Developed a Bullying program for UCSI.
  • I am able to communicate complicated information in a manner that makes it easy for students to understand, and if they do not understand it, I will make time for them so that they will comprehend it.
  • As the World Scholar's Cup debate coach, I took a total to 8 teams to The Tournament of Champions at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

Thank you for taking the time to review my teaching credentials..





UCSI International School

English IGCSE, ESL, school councilor Instructor 2016-2017

  • Designed the curriculum, wrote the syllabus,
  • Developed Scheme of Work.
  • Wrote weekly lesson plans from the Scheme of Work

for speaking, listening, Reading, &

comprehension for grades Y6, Y7, Y8

  • Developed Test for mid-term and finals.

Developed an Anti-bullying program for primary and secondary


  • Counseled students, teachers,

and administration on an as-needed basis.

  • Substituted classes when needed.
  • Taught Cambridge IGCSE Global Prospectives for Y9.
  • Taught Y4 & Y5 English (EFL)
  • Designed curriculum, wrote the syllabus, developed Scheme of Work,
  • Wrote weekly lesson plans from Scheme of Work for EFL students.
  • Gave weekly assessments to monitor language progression.

English Teacher, IGCSE, ESL-Y6, Y7, and Y8 Fall 2018

  • Designed curriculum, wrote the syllabus, developed Scheme of Work,
  • Wrote weekly lesson plans from Scheme of Work.
  • Used weekly quizzes to asses the progression of the students, along with

Assigned homework.

  • Use the Internet and other outside resources to

enhance the classroom experience.

  • Wrote mid-term and final test according to IGCSE.

After School Activities (ASA) at UCSI 2016 to 2018

World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) Coach

  • Taught students how
  • To debate,
  • Write a debate
  • To take an American based multiple-choice test.
  • owho HhhhhhfffccccxddvsdvsTo work as a team while taking an oral multiple-choice test.
  • Fielded 7 UCSI teams, six teams qualified at the Kuala Lumpur round

for Global Round in Hanoi.

Four of those teams qualified to go to Yale University for the

Tournament of Champions (TOC) in the USA. All medaled.

  • SMK Kepong private school team qualified at the Johor Bahru

round to go to Hanoi. Qualified at the Hanoi round to go to

Yale University for the Tournament of Champions (TOC) in the USA.

All three boys medaled.

  • Fielded 6 UCSI teams, three teams went to the (TOC) 2016

at Yale University All the students medaled.

  • After school activity, Basic Drawing Class 2016
  • WSC coach of the Year out of 600 coaches worldwide. 2017

Korean International School Phnom Penh 12-2018 to 5-2019

ESL instructor for primary students Temp. Job

Natrona County High School – Educational Support 2014-2015

  • Taught special education students
  • We worked on Functional Life Skills.
  • Tutored Math, English, Social Studies, History

Natrona County High School – Educational Support 2013-2014

  • Tutored at-risk 9th graders
  • Taught all common core subjects.
  • Tutored in art, drawing, and painting

Casper College-ESL Tutor 2013-2014

  • Taught Immigrants with language abilities ranged from beginning
  • to low intermediate.
  • Full-time staff would give the material or subject(s) to teach.
  • Mostly used pictures and simple text.

Independent activities-ESL Tutor(volunteer) 2014-2018

  • Taught English to Pakistani Immigrants
  • Worked on speaking, grammar, sentence syntax

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