Talor Hunt

Last Resume Update 10/01/2019
Address Cape Town, South Africa
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Birthday: 2000
Gender: Female
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Nationality: South African
Where are you living? Đà Nẵng, Hà Nội
Teaching Experience 0 - 1 year
What’s your highest level of education completed? High School/GED
ESL Certification (TEFL, TESOL) Online Class: I have a 120 hours certificate or more on my TEFL certification


I have completed my Cambridge IGCSE levels in AP Mathematics,  AP English, Afrikaans, Environmental Management and Physics through home-schooling. After my IGCSE’s had finished, I completed my A levels (post matric) in English and Psychology at a small tutor centre in my city. Completing my studies from home taught me a great amount and allowed me to mature quickly. I learnt how to manage my time appropriately, how to motivate myself and I got to focus my energy on the subjects that really interested me. Whilst home-schooling was great, I found I would need some extra assistance with regards to my A-Levels, so I attended a small tutor centre close by. I worked extremely hard at my A-Levels and am very pleased with my results.


For six months I volunteered in a poor community at a primary school called Capricorn, situated near Cape Town. I taught basic english skills to grade r’s and grade one’s (5 - 7 year olds) who were struggling in their age group, and needed just a little bit more support and assistance. Here I planned lessons and art activities, motivated them to work hard and gave them a safe environment. These children live through so much poverty and pain, and what I learnt was that sometimes all they need is  someone to show them that they are cared for and have a safe place. Through this I was asked to assist the math classes for grade 5 and 6. Volunteering at Capricorn was a wonderful experience giving back to the community and it gave me great joy to see a smile through all of the misfortune these children have to deal with daily. This strongly influenced my desire to become a teacher.

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