Shivani Govindsamy

Last Resume Update 19/07/2018
Address Durban, South Africa
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Birthday: 1995
Gender: Female
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Nationality: South African
Where are you living? Hà Nội
Expected Location: Hà Nội
Expected Salary: $2000/ per month


I have experience teaching students in Lang Ha, Hanoi, Vietnam as part of my 120 hour in class TEFEL course. i have taught students at Amslink Language Centre.


Hi, I am Shivani from Durban, South Africa. I have a Bachelor Arts of Corporate Communications’ at Varsity College Westville. I discovered my passion for teaching through my au pairing job, when homework was on the list of things I had to do. Since then, I have always wanted to teach other cultures abroad as I see it as a challenge I want to achieve and I look forward to this new exciting journey ahead.

During my years of au pairing, I have learnt most of my skills with learning how to deal with children. I understand that every child learns at their own pace, in their own way and it is important to give each child special attention in order to reach their potential. The children I au paired for were 7 and 9 years age. While the elder was more focused and the younger was more distracted. I learnt how to make her focus for longer periods by rewarding if her work was done on time. In saying that, I feel that I can deal with all the different types of children and concentrate on the individuals own specific needs.

Through my recent years, with gaining my experience I have learn a lot of skills that have developed me into dealing and understanding children better. I am patient and understanding towards children. I am also a bubbly, outgoing person whose energy will motivate children to learn in an enjoyable way in the classroom. I am hard working and am willing to put in the extra hours if needed. I feel that I could add value to the growth and development of a child’s learning process.

I have taught kindergarten students- ages 5-7 years old at Amslink Language centre. I have also taught teenage students- ages 10-14 years old at Amslink Language centre for experience.


Shivani Govindsamy

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