orlaith dilleen

Last Resume Update 09/02/2019
Address Galway, Ireland
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Birthday: 1993
Gender: Female
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Nationality: Irish
Where are you living? Hồ Chí Minh
Teaching Experience > 2 years
Expected Location: Hồ Chí Minh
What’s your highest level of education completed? Bachelor's Degree
ESL Certification (TEFL, TESOL) I'm willing to become TEFL certified


School (all based in Ireland) Time period Age Job length Scoil Mhuire, Oranmore, Ireland September 2018-July 2019 4-6-year olds Teaching a mainstream class including 2 children with Special Education Needs and several children with English as a Foreign Language. Kilcoona N.S November 2017 Special Needs Class  Autistic Unit class teacher. Holy Trinity N.S, Mervue September 2017 Special Needs Class Mainstream class teacher to children with several learning difficulties. St Damians National School

Quarry Drive,



  28/08/2013 – 28/02/2015




  4-7 year olds


  Teaching a mainstream class including 2 children with Special Education Needs. Cnoc Mhuire Junior School 10/03/2015-

10/05/2015 4-7 year olds Mainstream Class teacher to D.E.I.S children. D.E.I.S school in Ireland is a school addressing the educational needs of children from disadvantaged communities St. Joseph’s Special School Tallaght 03/03/2015-

09/03/2015  8-10 year olds Autistic Unit class teacher. St. Damian’s N.S From: 18-2-13

To: 15-3-13 8-10 year olds Learning Support

Provided additional teaching support for children with learning difficulties. In class support for the area of Maths and English. Rush N.S From : 12-3-2012

To : 14 – 4 -2012 10-11 year olds   Mainstream class teacher Scoil Róis N.S From:5-9-11


  10 – 11 year olds   Mainstream class teacher


Having taught for over 6 years now I feel I can offer a lot of experience to a new school. Teaching is something I am passionate about and wish to continue to develop upon. I attend regular upskilling workshops as you can see from my C.V. I find this helps me learn new strategies to help with literacy, numeracy and social /personal skills to help the children I am teaching develop more holistically . Here I have provided some of the extra curricular and in-school posts I have held in the last 6 years..


School Sports Coordinator                                                               [September 2015 to present]


On a whole school level, I have been the sports administrator and organiser which included organizing; all sports days, field days and teacher – student matches for the course of the year, all to great success.

I also took an active role as Head coach St. Damian’s G.A.A & Soccer teams. We trained four times per week, played friendly matches and entered regional competitions. My coaching successfully lead the team to many achievements in 2015 to 2018.


Nutrition Coordinator                                                                   [September 2016 to 2018]

n my final year in St . Patrick’s College I did an elective course on Nutrition and how to incorporate healthy eating and good nutrition into the classroom. I was the nutrition coordinator for my school which involved creating lesson plans for classes aged 4-11 based on healthy nutrition. This involved lesson plans, resources, fruit tasting and nutrition journaling for each class.



Literacy and Numeracy Summer Camp                                             [Summer 2016]


Facilitating and organising a literacy and numeracy camp in relation to the Literacy and Numeracy initiative in Ireland targeted specifically at DEIS band 1 schools to improve school completion.


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